grep your heart out

I'm still learning to use more command line options.

Today I wanted to apply Hide machine readable name of menu by default. so I had to search for the context around the drupal #attached_js form tag.

So I type man grep and search for context. And bly me there is an option :)

grep --context=4 -r "attached_js" *

Which is _cool_

Finally I can blog remotely

It took some time and effort to configure but now I found the time and annoyance to give it a try.

Well not quite. The gnome-blog-poster is way to simple. Anyway it works.

The annoyance today is about eclipse. I need eclipse integration with trac and it wasn't working on eclipse 3.4.

So I installed eclipse 3.5 which is the third installation of eclipse in 1 week time sigh. Enabled mylyn and downloaded the trac integration plugin.

Add Relations

Argument Node Created

Field Edit Comment Post Date

So much options with no javascript :)

Page Add Filter

Adding one of zillion filters (No javascript enabled browser)

Edit a view

When editing a view without javascript one get this.

Views Add

When adding a views on has to decide what this view is about. What content do you want to display. Is it basically a node? Or a term. The basic idea is "What is your primary table". And is it possible to grab all related content with it?
free form: 


What is a (web)page? A page contains some designated content and some blocks spread around that content. And how do views fix in? We will walk through the attached mindmap.
Now it becomes messy :( ... how to explain the walk trough?!?
../all/modules/drush/drush --uri=drupaljam.demo sql cli
select path from menu_router;

Generate content

  1. Generate vocabularies and terms using admin/generate/taxonomy
  2. Generate users using admin/generate/user
  3. Generate nodes using admin/generate/content
    • 5 group nodes
    • 5 pages with terms
    • 50 stories with terms and comments and
    • 20 events with terms and comments
  4. Add a queue using admin/content/nodequeue
  5. Generate queue assignments using admin/content/generate_nodequeue