My development environment so far


These are my notes when doing my first (drupal) presentation @ FrOSCon 2008 Drupal Room This method uses the concepts
  1. All drupal sites in directory www
  2. All site-config in a separate directory
  3. All site-data in a separate directory
This way an upgrade to another drupal version runs smoothly. Hmmm this was about developer environment.

Add new local domain

Why do I need this? To make sites like http://nf.test or http://froscon.demo sudo su - echo froscon.demo >> /etc/hosts

sending a file commandline with evolution

While trying to send an png of size 4.5MB the following command is not performing.


cpu usage went up to 100% and stays there for at least 3 minutes.

The command is useful though.

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Installing swfmill and finding your friends

While reading the README for to compile non of the dev versions of libxml, libxsl, libfreetype and libpng where mentioned.

As it turned google this point me to with the exact specs documented. Installing a lot dev versions.

I rather install packages then running

./configure && make && sudo make instll
but following instruction is cool when they are working.

Site management

On the dev list Angela Byron is mentioning a lot of multi site modules. This is an extract from the discussion followed.

Module/system configurations that can be run at any time
Bryght's multisite hosting managed site deployment framework, which includes and See for more info


It's quite handy to have a Drupal book.

enabling ipw3945 without ipw3945 kernel driver.

As Intel states on this driver is deprecated and mine is not functional for WPA-2.

So I have to replace the driver IPW driver with the IWL driver from

It turned out that my not functional IPW driver was due to how the passphrase for my wireless was stored with gnome-keyring-manager. It was stored into the 'default' keyring and not into the 'login' keyring. So this story title is not covering the end result. But still. The commands are useful to me and hopefully to you too.

Commands used are lsmod | grep ipw

Looking for typographic modules

Looking for some typographic modules I ran into these two

But as far as I remember there are two modules for making graphical node Titles.

I ran into these to interested enough to read some day.


I know not much about colors. Yes there is RGB and YMCK but why are some pages ok in firefox and not ok in safari.

It has to do with color profiles.



This program is working for me. No need for scanimage anymore. My CanoScan LiDE 30 seems to work again under Ubuntu. Just take care of the parameters in de dialog when scanning from within gscan2pdf. Scan Document
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catch totaal belettering