Drupal Association News: See you at OSCON 2015

Planet Drupal - Mon, 2015/06/29 - 7:51pm

OSCON, the annual open source conference, brings over 4,000 people together in Portland this July. We are a proud participant again this year and we are excited to talk about Drupal to a wider audience. If you are looking for a reason to attend, you can use the code USRG which will get you 20% off your registration. Or you can use the PCEXPOPLUS code to gain admission to the exhibition hall for free.

Taking Drupal to the larger open source world is a big job, and we need our amazing community's help. Help us spread the word that Drupal is at OSCON! If you're attending, please come by and say hi, let your new friends know they can find us in the nonprofit pavilion at table #6 from Tuesday evening through Thursday afternoon. Or, if you know someone who's in open source who will be at OSCON, please encourage them to come by and say hello! Here's a tweet you can share with your networks to help us spread the word:

Tweet: Going to OSCON 2015? Stop by and say hello. We'll be Drupalin' in the expo hall, nonprofit pavilion.

Thanks to the Portland Drupal community for helping out and to everyone for volunteering time at OSCON. If you want to help out by volunteering at the table, we'd love your assistance! You can sign up here.

See you at OSCON!

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The Jibe: Why Drupal 8 is truly awesome for service providers

Planet Drupal - Mon, 2015/06/29 - 7:16pm

A couple days ago, I received the first in a series of white papers created by the Drupal Association to help Drupal service providers prepare for (and arguably market) Drupal 8.


Drupal core announcements: No Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 core release on Wednesday, July 1

Planet Drupal - Mon, 2015/06/29 - 3:42pm

The monthly Drupal core bug fix/feature release window is scheduled for this Wednesday. However, there have not been enough changes to the development version since the last bug fix/feature release two months ago to warrant a new release, so there will be no Drupal core release on that date.

Upcoming release windows include:

  • Wednesday, July 15 (security release window)
  • Wednesday, August 5 (bug fix/feature release window)

For more information on Drupal core release windows, see the documentation on release timing and security releases, and the discussion that led to this policy being implemented.


Annertech: Building a Website on a Budget

Planet Drupal - Mon, 2015/06/29 - 1:01pm
Building a Website on a Budget

So you want a website. Maybe it is your first website. Maybe you've been here before, but you're starting afresh. You're full of enthusiasm. In your dreams, your website looks like a flashy cruise liner - huge, and with every amenity money can buy. However, your budget stretches to a dinghy with an outboard motor. So how can you rationalise your aspirations within your financial constraints?

You don't have to be a paragon of fiscal rectitude, but you do need to prioritise, and think a little cleverly about how you can approach the project.


Web Omelette: Go custom or use a contributed module?

Planet Drupal - Mon, 2015/06/29 - 9:00am

That is the main question. If you came here looking for a definitive answer, I'm afraid you won't find one. What you maybe will find is a discussion I propose on this topic and my two cents on the matter.

Why am I talking about this?

I've been working on a big Drupal website recently which has many contributed and custom modules. One of my recent tasks has been enabling validation of an existent text field used for inputting phone numbers. The client needed this number in a specific format. No problem, a quick regex inside hook_node_validate() should do the trick nicely. But then it got me thinking? Isn't there a module I can use for this instead? Well yes there is: Field validation.

I installed this module which comes with a plethora of validation rules and possibilities. The default phone validation for my country was not matching the client expectation so I had to use a custom expression for that. No problem, achieved basically the same result. But was this the better option under the circumstances? You might say yes because people have been working on this module a long time to perfect it, keep it secure and provide all sorts of goodies under the hood. Not to mention that it's used on over 10.000 websites.

However, the Field Validation module is big. It has a bunch of functionality that allows you to perform all sorts of validation on fields. This is not a bad thing, don't get me wrong. But does my little validation need warrant the installation and loading into memory of so much code? My custom solution was very targeted and took no more than 10 or so lines of code.

One argument would be that yes, because I may need other kinds of validation rules in the future so you can use this module also for those. But I think that being already very far in the lifetime of this website the odds are quite low of that. And even if this is the case, will an extra 2-3 validation needs warrant the use of this module?

On the other hand, you can argue that your custom code is not vetted, is difficult to maintain, can be insecure if you make mistakes and basically represents some non-configurable magic on your site. These can all be true but can also all be false depending on the developer, how they document code and the functionality itself.

I ended up with the custom solution in this case because on this site I really want to introduce new modules only if they bring something major to the table (performance being my concern here). So of course, the choice heavily depends on the actual module you are considering, the website it would go on and the custom code you'd write as an alternative.

Moreover, please do not focus on the actual Field Validation module in this discussion. I am not here to discuss its merits but the whether or not installing any such module that serves a tiny purpose is the right way to go. This is mostly a Drupal 7 problem as in D8 we use object oriented practices by which we can have as much code as we want because we only load the necessary parts when needed.

So what do you think? Do you have a general rule when it comes to this decision or you also take it case by case basis? If the latter, what are your criteria for informing your choice? If the former, why is this? I'd love to hear what you have to say.

In Drupal var switchTo5x = true;stLight.options({"publisher":"dr-8de6c3c4-3462-9715-caaf-ce2c161a50c"});

Matt Glaman: Fixing "UpdaterException: Unable to determine the type of the source directory"

Planet Drupal - Sun, 2015/06/28 - 6:04pm

I don't use the built in update functionality provided by the Update module for updating code. I like to use it for reminders and push back statistics of modules used for Drupal.org. However, someone people do use it. Sometimes this piece of functionality can fail and throw an interesting message which doesn't seem to have many answers despite the best Google-fu.

UpdaterException: Unable to determine the type of the source directory. in Updater::factory() (line 99 of ../www/includes/updater.inc).

An exception because a source directory can't be determined. Turns out that the logic before the exception throw is checking if the temporary directory containing update downloads is an actual directory.

It is looking for the following:

$directory = 'temporary://update-extraction-' . _update_manager_unique_identifier();

If you encounter this error, check your file system settings (/admin/config/media/file-system) and make sure the temporary directory is configured properly. If you're not sure what it should be, remove the entry and resave the form, populating your web server's default. Then make sure Drupal (or, rather, your webserver) has permissions to write to that temporary directory.


Red Crackle: What is headless Drupal?

Planet Drupal - Sun, 2015/06/28 - 3:57pm
Recently you must have heard of the term "headless Drupal". You may be wondering what exactly it is. How is it different than standard Drupal and how can you implement it? If these are the questions that are plaguing you, then this is the post for you.

Drupal 8 User Guide - Inaugural Update

Documentation Team - Sun, 2015/06/28 - 1:06am

Wow! Thanks to everyone who commented on our proposal to create a Drupal 8 user guide. We read all of the comments carefully, and have made a plan for how to get this manual written, edited, and tested:

  • Amber Matz, Joe Shindelar (eojthebrave), and Jennifer Hodgdon (jhodgdon) will be managing the project, at least initially. Amber will concentrate on volunteer/project management, and Joe and Jennifer will concentrate on content oversight. The other members of the Documentation Working Group will also be participating.
  • The guide will be organized into individual, short "task" and "concept" topics. There will be a guiding "scenario" to fit all the topics into -- a web project to use in the examples.
  • Joe and Jennifer have been at the Twin Cities Drupal Camp the last few days, and we have picked a scenario (a site for a farmers market) and brainstormed a list of topics for the guide. The topic list is still a work in progress, but there are some topics that we're absolutely sure we'll need for the guide, so we have enough to get people started writing them. We will continue to revise the rest of the topics in the list and then share that so we can get feedback on the overall outline of the guide.
  • We received MANY offers of help! So we are currently planning to have volunteer members of the Drupal community write the topics. We are deferring applying for grant funding for now, until we figure out if we need grant funding.
  • We wrote up guidelines and instructions for contributors, and set up a site where you can view the guide in progress as we go:
    • In-progress guide: https://userguide-drupal.redesign.devdrupal.org/d8guide/en/index.html
    • Guidelines and instructions: https://userguide-drupal.redesign.devdrupal.org/guidelines/index.html
    • Within the Guidelines site, the Practicalities page includes a section on getting proper credit for your work as a project participant. Please read this (as well as the other guidelines and instructions) if you want to participate.
    • We've worked with the Licensing Working Group to ensure that we are adhering to the correct policies, and ensuring that our project which is licensed CC-BY-SA can still be hosted on the Drupal.org infrastructure.
    • The goal will be to have this guide included directly on Drupal.org in the future, but for now this allows us to begin writing the guide while we continue to sort out some of the other logistics.
  • This work will actually start on Sunday, June 28 (tomorrow, at least in our time zone) at a sprint (or work day), both in-person at the Twin Cities Drupal Camp and remote.
  • We plan to have regular meetings for this project in IRC. The kickoff meeting is next Thursday, July 2.
  • We'll be making status reports and other announcements here on https://groups.drupal.org/documentation -- sign up as a member so you can receive notifications.
  • We've also set up an email list for participants, with public-visible archives. People who have already contacted us to volunteer should get an invitation to join the email list (joining is totally voluntary!); if you don't get one in the next few days, or hadn't already told us you want to volunteer, contact Joe, Amber, or Jennifer through our contact forms and we'll get you signed up.

OK, that's about it for this update -- see you at the sprint tomorrow and the meeting next week!

DrupalCon News: Scholarships and Grants Bring 23 Attendees to the Con

Planet Drupal - Sat, 2015/06/27 - 1:52am

We always say that you come for the code but stay for the community, but for some attendees, affording a DrupalCon to interact with the community is a hurdle.  We were happy that we were able to offer 20.000€ between 23 grant and scholarship recipients to help lessen that burden and really help them make an impact in Barcelona.  You can see who received a grant or scholarship here.  


DrupalCon News: Announcing Community-Focused Keynotes at DrupalCon Barcelona

Planet Drupal - Fri, 2015/06/26 - 11:57pm

For a new twist on our keynotes, we are excited that our Thursday mainstage will highlight two community speakers that both have important and intersting topics that all Drupalers can benefit from hearing.  


qed42.com: June - Drupal Monthly MeetUp

Planet Drupal - Fri, 2015/06/26 - 10:36pm

This month Pune Drupal group had more than 75 active attendees participating in Drupal Monthly Meetup. We are thankful to Cybage Software Pvt Ltd  for hosting the event on 26th June 2015 at their premises.

The basic agenda of the meetup was to launch the Pune Drupal Camp 2015 website and present the camp highlights. 


Kick-Off Meeting: Drupal 8 Manual Project

Documentation Team - Fri, 2015/06/26 - 10:29pm
Start:  2015-07-02 09:00 - 10:00 America/Los_Angeles Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting) Organizers:  Amber Himes Matz jhodgdon

Join us in IRC in the #drupal-docs channel on July 2 to kick-off the Drupal 8 Manual Project.


For information on how to connect to IRC, you can check out this page: Setting up IRC or post a comment here indicating you need help and one of us will be happy to help you.

Promet Source: Open Source's Impact on Government

Planet Drupal - Fri, 2015/06/26 - 8:01pm
.GOV Websites Declare Independence from Proprietary CMS Solutions

Relying on proprietary CMS solutions in the government space would inevitably lead to disgruntled users who consistently remark on the clunky workflows, heavy reliance on technical staff to make changes and diminishing value as the platforms age and require more and more maintenance.


TimOnWeb.com: How To Force Search API To Reindex a Node / an Entity

Planet Drupal - Fri, 2015/06/26 - 6:56pm

By default Search API (Drupal 7) reindexes a node when the node gets updated. But what if you want to reindex a node / an entity on demand or via some other hook i.e. outside of update cycle? Turned out it is a quite simple exercise. You just need to ...

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TimOnWeb.com: Adding a custom extra field to entity / node display

Planet Drupal - Fri, 2015/06/26 - 6:56pm

I had a case recently, where I needed to add custom data to the node display and wanted this data to behave like a field, however the data itself didn't belong to a field. By "behaving like a field" I mean you can that field at node display settings and ...

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TimOnWeb.com: Replacing Menu Item Visibility module with custom "in code" solution

Planet Drupal - Fri, 2015/06/26 - 6:56pm

I'm a big fan of fighting with Drupal's inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Most of these come from contrib modules. Everytime we install a contrib module we should be ready for surprises which come on board with the module.

One of the latest examples is Menu item visibility (https://drupal.org/project ...

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TimOnWeb.com: Fixing Views' Scroll to Top When You Have a Fixed Header

Planet Drupal - Fri, 2015/06/26 - 6:56pm

Drupal Views offers us a cool feature: ajaxified pagers. When you click on a pager, it changes the page without reloading the main page itself and then scrolls to the top of the view. It works great, but sometimes you may encounter a problem: if you have a fixed header ...

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Stanford Web Services Blog: Drush "user-list" Command

Planet Drupal - Fri, 2015/06/26 - 6:05pm

A simple task: list all the users on a site, optionally filtering by role or by status. Difficulty: using drush.

I had searched around a bit for this functionality and my Google-fu had failed me, so I decided to build off of work that already had been done and write a drush user-list command. (The internal monologue went something like this: "Is this a thing? It doesn't look like this is a thing. This should be a thing. Why is this not a thing? Let's make this a thing.")


Acquia: From consumption to contribution - Drupal business in India, Part 2

Planet Drupal - Fri, 2015/06/26 - 5:46pm
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Ani Gupta, Drupal Mumbai community lead, StartupNext lead, formerly at Axelerant in India, and I got the chance to continue the conversation I began with Piyush Poddar at Drupal Camp London about the changing face of IT and open source in India. Under the heading "from consumption to contribution" we talk about India's move from being perceived as being good for cheap, outsourced code to being a place rich with brands and startups in their own right and the home to much open source contribution. We also talk about old versions of Drupal, the Drupal community and its mentoring culture, open source acceptance in business and government, and more!