Drupal core announcements: No Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 core release on Wednesday, November 4

Planet Drupal - Mon, 2015/11/02 - 7:04pm

The monthly Drupal core bug fix/feature release window is scheduled for this Wednesday. However, the last Drupal 7 release was only a few weeks ago and there have not been enough changes to the development version since then to warrant a new release, so there will be no release on that date.

Upcoming release windows include:

  • Wednesday, November 18 (security release window)
  • Wednesday, December 2 (bug fix/feature release window)

For more information on Drupal core release windows, see the documentation on release timing and security releases, and the discussion that led to this policy being implemented.


Pronovix: Drupal wins $25,000 in the Context.IO App Challenge

Planet Drupal - Mon, 2015/11/02 - 3:43pm

We are happy to announce that the Drupal module we built for the Context.IO App Challenge just grabbed the 1st Runner Up prize along with a $25,000 cash prize.


Sooper Drupal Themes: 20 Credibility-Enhancing Tips for Drupal Sites

Planet Drupal - Mon, 2015/11/02 - 3:17pm

Having credibility is very important to your website or blog. Here’s 20 ways that you can establish credibility with your audience.

1. Have a Professional Website Design

One of the first thing you can do is have a website that looks professional. There are far too many sites that look sloppy and this causes your visitors to click away quickly. It’s estimated that 75-94% of people will make judgements based upon the first glance at a site. 

2. Avoid a Broken Site

You need a Drupal site that is functional. You can’t have broken links or missing images as this isn’t professional. You need to test the functionality so everything fires on all cylinders. Make sure the site loads quickly and people can find what they need right away. 

3. Make it snappy

Having a slow site is bad but having a site that performs average is not where you want to be at as well. Many Drupal websites struggle to manage 3 second pageloads. You can set your site apart by leveraging Varnish and the Advanced Aggregation module to create sub-second pageload times. Group together your css, group your javascript files and make them load asynchronously where possible.


Drupalize.Me: Meet Front-End Developer Helena Zubkow

Planet Drupal - Mon, 2015/11/02 - 3:02pm

In this Drupalize.Me interview, we talk with Helena Zubkow, front-end developer at Lullabot, based in Orlando, Florida. This interview is part of an ongoing series where we talk with a variety of people in the Drupal community about the work they do. Each interview focuses on a particular Drupal role and this interview with Helena focuses on the front-end developer role.


OSTraining: New Video Class: Build a Drupal Corporate Site Completed

Planet Drupal - Mon, 2015/11/02 - 11:04am

Drupal is used for a myriad of different kinds of websites. This week we complete the release of the "Build a Drupal Corporate Website" with Robert Ring.

During this class, Robert talks about planning, content types, modules, themes and everything you might need for this kind of site. You'll build a blog, personnel department, a views slideshow and more for the fictitious corporation, BoardGames Ltd.


Gábor Hojtsy: Drupal 8 – what's the (real) big deal about it?

Planet Drupal - Mon, 2015/11/02 - 10:27am

I had the chance two weeks ago to talk about Drupal and Drupal 8 at the Free Software Foundation's conference in Budapest for a whole of 21 minutes. While there is this amazing 63 screen slideshow about all things new in Drupal 8 that I help keep up to date, having such short time really made me focus my message and think long and hard about how to summarize what Drupal 8 is really about for a wide range of people attending. Here is my take in written form.

Drupal has always been amazing as a structured content management tool. With content types and then entities and fields it allows us to really structure our content. Drupal 8 steps up this game several ways. First, it makes more things able to get structured. Whether it is a block or the categorization of content itself, it can be structured further with fields now. Drupal also has a history of using this structural system for flexible functionality. For example, ratings, workflows, user groups, selling content, etc. are all supported with fields (in contributed modules). In Drupal 8, comments are fields too (for example, you can take comments on user profiles) and there are more reusable field types like date, email, references, etc. built in. Best of all everything supports multiple languages and is translatable without further modules required. In short, Drupal 8 is improving on the system's key strength in all directions.

This is amazing for an enterprise because content needs to show up in a lot of places and a lot of ways these days. The more structured the content, the easier it is to pull out and display things for the environment needed. Drupal 8 makes this easy by building in entity view modes for display variants, Views for pulling data in whatever way from entities, and responsive output for flexible display on the web. Integration with third party systems and decoupled site implementations is enabled by web service support. Since Drupal knows so much more about your content structure internally as well, it can also intelligently cache (and invalidate the caches) when needed, and serve pages with much faster perceived performance (enabling the BigPipe contributed module). The markup generated is significantly better for accessibility too.

What about the small sites though? I think the changes are even more exciting there, because they lead to a lot more consistency on the site building front as well. You now use blocks to place everything on your pages (including branding, navigation and even the page title). You can use Views to customize even your administration experience and quick in-place editing and WYSIWYG integration for fields allows you to get further, faster. On top of that, rolling out changes is a whole lot easier with the built-in configuration deployment system.

Drupal 8 also grew the core community manyfold. While Drupal 7 had less than a thousand contributors, Drupal 8 has almost 3300. That is pretty remarkable, because it means the new version starts out with many more people already in the know.

All-in-all Drupal 8 really doubles down on our commitment to structured content and flexible functionality around it with a focus on making it easier to both enter and output that content however it fits, whoever the consumer is. It truly empowers you and me (as the tagline says) to build something amazing, for anyone.


Drupal Bits at Web-Dev: Hook Update Deploy Tools: to delete fields

Planet Drupal - Mon, 2015/11/02 - 5:05am

If you have used a Feature and removed a field from the Feature and reverted, only to find the field still present in your content type, this update is for you. Hook Update Deploy Tools now has a method (as of version 7.x-1.6) to remove a field instance from the content type. The method gives feedback as to the removal of the field, checks to see that it was removed, and reports whether it was the only instance of the field or not. The feedback and associated logging is what makes this essential when using a hands-free code deployment strategy.

Code like this is all it takes in a hook_update_N in the feature.install to delete field instances.

 * Remove author field from blog.
function blog_post_update_7011() {
 $message = HookUpdateDeployTools\Fields::deleteInstance('field_author_leadership', 'blog', 'node');
 return $message;

 * Remove published date field from blog.
function blog_post_update_7013() {
  $message = HookUpdateDeployTools\Fields::deleteInstance('field_date_updated_reviewed', 'blog', 'node');
  return $message;

And this is what the feedback at the terminal reveals (Also logged to Watchdog):


David Herron: Drupal Book node hierarchy went missing, necessitating database patching and a couple scripts to help

Planet Drupal - Mon, 2015/11/02 - 1:55am

Twice now I've had the Book hierarchy on a Drupal 6 site go bonkers. The first time was on this very site, back in 2009, while this site was being converted from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 (it's now on Drupal 7). The /book page simply became empty, and I managed to fix the book hierarchy with some database twiddling. That was over six years ago and I'd since converted this site to Drupal 7. I have another site still running Drupal 6, and the same problem (empty /book page) just happened on that site.


Wuinfo: A New Weapon to Fight Against Spammers on Your Website

Planet Drupal - Sun, 2015/11/01 - 2:32pm

Look at the snapshot from the user table. I was having a big problem of spamming bots. The user table is full of fake users. Almost every minutes there is a fake user registered.

I have tried a lot of ways to stop bots from creating user accounts on my website. I have tried different captchas. They are not convenient to real users. Some of them have problems with the responsive design. I start to looking for another inovative way to stop those bots. I came to this 'crazy' idea. Since bots are do not use a mouse or touch the screen of the opened web page, Why not use that behavior to identify them?

Following this idea, I quickly come up with a human behavior module. It uses impression module to catch the human actions on a web page. If none of such actions detected, it blocks the submission of the form. It records an action of each web page. Within 3 hours, form submission from this page is valid. The website is problem free from the spammer soon I download and install the modules.

The module is in a beta release; It is a new weapon to fight the bots. Fighting against spam bots is an ongoing fight. The module is not perfect. The bot can still try to mimic human behavior. New bots might be created to make some fake mouse move, etc. We can not prevent that from happening, but we can sure to come up with some new ideas to detect them and stop them from messing up our website.


Out & About On The Third Rock: DPSX @ DrupalCon Barcelona

Planet Drupal - Sun, 2015/11/01 - 1:00pm
As a digital activist I want a forum that brings together individuals from private, public and the third sectors, to share ideas, address issues of waste, service improvements, development and innovation in the delivery of front line public services so that we can collectively work towards the betterment of public services. Between the day job, […]

clemens-tolboom commented on issue clemens-tolboom/drupal-8-rest-angularjs#24

On github - Sat, 2015/10/31 - 3:23pm
Oct 31, 2015 clemens-tolboom commented on issue clemens-tolboom/drupal-8-rest-angularjs#24

My app/config.js document.config = { 'SERVER': { 'scheme': 'http', 'host': 'drupal.d8', 'port': '8080', 'user': '', 'pass': '', 'path': '', 'query'…

clemens-tolboom commented on issue clemens-tolboom/drupal-8-rest-angularjs#24

On github - Sat, 2015/10/31 - 3:20pm
Oct 31, 2015 clemens-tolboom commented on issue clemens-tolboom/drupal-8-rest-angularjs#24

And node comments :) And you don't have to edit anything from the app. Just check the config.js.dist file

clemens-tolboom commented on issue clemens-tolboom/drupal-8-rest-angularjs#24

On github - Sat, 2015/10/31 - 3:18pm
Oct 31, 2015 clemens-tolboom commented on issue clemens-tolboom/drupal-8-rest-angularjs#24

@nicholas12345 the app working for me on /node/1 and /node reading user info and taxonomy terms. Hope the new messages and links help.

clemens-tolboom pushed to develop at clemens-tolboom/drupal-8-rest-angularjs

On github - Sat, 2015/10/31 - 3:17pm
Oct 31, 2015 clemens-tolboom pushed to develop at clemens-tolboom/drupal-8-rest-angularjs
  • 28a271d Remove the BASIC_AUTH hint as we are defaulting to cookie based sessi…

clemens-tolboom pushed to develop at clemens-tolboom/drupal-8-rest-angularjs

On github - Sat, 2015/10/31 - 3:16pm
Oct 31, 2015 clemens-tolboom pushed to develop at clemens-tolboom/drupal-8-rest-angularjs
  • 262b83f Add more issue links for login. Part of #24.

DrupalCon News: Share your Dev knowledge at DrupalCon Asia 2016

Planet Drupal - Sat, 2015/10/31 - 2:45pm

At his keynote for DrupalCon Barcelona, Dries Buytaert announced that we would have a Drupal 8 RC release on Oct 7th, 2015 to a room full of ecstatic Drupalers. Apart from the joy of seeing Drupal 8 release soon, developers also understood that this meant that it is finally time to start understanding how to develop for Drupal 8.


Drupal CMS Guides at Daymuse Studios: Location Independent Drupal Web Development with iPad

Planet Drupal - Sat, 2015/10/31 - 12:29am

Learn how it's to do Drupal web development from anywhere in the world with only an iPad, the Internet, and free Apps & Services. Leave your laptop at home.


clemens-tolboom commented on issue clemens-tolboom/drupal-8-rest-angularjs#24

On github - Fri, 2015/10/30 - 10:24pm
Oct 30, 2015 clemens-tolboom commented on issue clemens-tolboom/drupal-8-rest-angularjs#24

My last commits esp bf0965c (on develop branch) made session based cookie the default. Login/out is still in need of a patch :( ... guess the messa…

Drupal Association News: Drupal 8 Release Planned for November 19

Planet Drupal - Fri, 2015/10/30 - 7:09pm

We’ve come a long way since the community started building Drupal 8 in 2011 and today we’re thrilled to say that we have an official release date!

On Groups.Drupal.org, the Drupal 8 Core maintainers wrote, "Based on our experience with our successful release candidates, we are confident to announce that Drupal 8.0.0 will be released on November 19, 2015!” Congratulations to the Core team and to everyone who worked hard to make Drupal 8 a reality.

If you want to get involved in making the Drupal 8 release an amazing experience for everyone around the world, there are numerous different ways to contribute. Just a few include:

Many thanks to all of the amazing community members who have worked tirelessly to make Drupal 8 a reality. Whether you're one of the thousands of contributors who submitted code, a multilingual genius working on translation, or one of the many companies and individuals who made financial contributions to the Drupal 8 Accelerate fundraiser, we wanted to say: THANK YOU! We couldn't have done this without you!


roomify.us: An Open Source Sharing Economy Platform for Drupal

Planet Drupal - Fri, 2015/10/30 - 3:13pm
Today we are very excited to announce a broader vision for what we are doing at Roomify. Roomify started out with the aim of addressing the booking and reservation problem within the hospitality industry - and that remains a key goal for us. Some time ago, however, we had the opportunity to take a break and look at the bigger picture. We evaluated what is at the core of the open source tools we are building and how  people are using them outside of the hospitality industry.  What emerged is a realization that what we are really building are platforms that allow people to connect and share resources. In other words, a sharing economy platform.