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PreviousNext: Using Drupal 8 Condition Plugins API

Planet Drupal - Tue, 2014/07/22 - 8:03am

Although Drupal 8 has had a Conditions Plugin API for a several months, it wasn't until during DrupalCon Austin sprint we managed to get blocks to use the Conditions Plugin API for block visibility.

The great thing about Condition Plugins, is they are re-usable chunks of code, and many contrib projects will be able to take advantage of them (Page Manager, Panels, Rules anyone?)

In this post, I show how you can create an example Page Message module that uses a RequestPath condition plugin to show a message on a configured page.


DrupalCon Amsterdam: Come to the Devops Track at DrupalCon Amsterdam

Planet Drupal - Tue, 2014/07/22 - 8:00am

So you've finished building a beautiful Drupal website. That means your work is done, right?

Not even close! Building the site is only the beginning: every website needs to be deployed, hosted, monitored, maintained, upgraded, security patched, scaled, and more— and if you start thinking about those things only after finishing your site, you’re bound to run into trouble.

Fortunately, DrupalCon Amsterdam is here to help! We’ll be running a #devops track that will bring devs and ops closer together. We’ll be discussing ways to achieve easier deployments, as well as how to ensure better stability, scalability and security for your big, beautiful Drupal website.

We've got a bunch of awesome speakers with experience in all of the above topics, as well as:

  • managing large sites,
  • doing continuous delivery of applications,
  • automated testing to improve quality
  • ... and many more topics that you should think about when building that beautiful website that can't afford to go down.

    The DrupalCon Amsterdam DevOps track will feature a broad range of talks covering the various technologies used in devops— and we expect it will be a nice counterpart to the traditional Drupal-centric tracks. These DevOps sessions will give you a perfect opportunity to peek into new technologies and talk with the best people working on those solutions.

    Whether you are putting together a small internal application or a large, popular, internet-facing site, your job does not end at the last commit. So join us in learning how to release stronger and better software faster. We’re all in this together, so let’s share the love and learn from each other!


    Drupal Watchdog: Outed in Austin

    Planet Drupal - Tue, 2014/07/22 - 3:26am

    Today, my cover was blown.

    If you came across this photo on your Facebook account or Twitter feed and you’ve been wondering – or furiously texting friends who were in Austin last month – “Is that really...?” or “Was he...” and “Did you meet him?”

    The answer is:

    No. Howard Stern did not attend DrupalCon as a Drupal Watchdog secret agent. (Although we did hear a rumor that he was in Austin at the time, taping an episode of America’s Got Talent, and that he just might put in a surprise appearance at the Convention Center.)

    In fact, I can say with some certainty – having been a guest on his show – that Howard wouldn’t know Drupal from poopal.

    Truly, that was I in the photo: Ronnie Ray, your fearless Watchdog blogster.

    So now you know. But kindly keep this information on the QT.

    Although if you or your company want a Howardish presence at DrupalCon Amsterdam, feel free to send checks, cash, a NYC-Amsterdam round-trip airline ticket (and Howard only flies first class, alas) to R. Brawer, c/o this magazine.


    FiveRDesign: Drupal HowTo: Turn Off The "Read More" In Commerce Product Displays

    Planet Drupal - Tue, 2014/07/22 - 2:00am
    A post describing how to overcome the obscureness of how to turn off the read more option on the body field of Drupal Commerce product displays.

    PreviousNext: Easy improvements for Drupal content editors using contrib

    Planet Drupal - Tue, 2014/07/22 - 1:00am

    Get started with some quick and easy ways to improve the content editor experience, using contributed modules.


    Forum One: Getting Started With Drupal 8 Code

    Planet Drupal - Mon, 2014/07/21 - 10:18pm

    Want to get started with Drupal 8 coding, but not sure where to begin?

    Fear not! That’s exactly how I felt before I jumped down the rabbit hole by attending my first Drupal 8 code sprint, organized by the Forum One team earlier this month. Others there seemed to be in the same place I was in – which is to say that what we anticipated to be a quick installation actually turned into a lot of time spent that I’d have rather spent contributing!

    To spare the next person from this experience I have created a friendly slideshow to guide you through the setup and installation process of getting Drupal 8 up-and-running locally.

    Enjoy! And if you have any suggestions for enhancements, please leave them in the comments below


    Drupal Commerce: Converting Your Existing Development Environment to a Makefile

    Planet Drupal - Mon, 2014/07/21 - 9:28pm

    One of the most exciting features of is it’s ability to use Drush makefiles to rapidly prototype sites. By default, new projects can start with a makefile that will automatically add Commerce Kickstart or vanilla Drupal. Then, using the makefile, you can add new modules, themes, and libraries, by simply adding a few lines to the makefile and commiting. When you push the changes to your platform, the entire site will be rebuilt. Plus, whenever you’re in “makefile mode” any extra files that are in the root of the respository get pushed into sites/all/default. So if you have any custom modules, you can just stick them in modules/ and they’ll end up in sites/all/default/modules. This can make your code bases not only small, but far more manageable. You can convert a site that isn’t a makefile into a makefile. And in this post, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.


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    Mediacurrent: 10 Reasons Enterprise Marketers Choose Drupal

    Planet Drupal - Mon, 2014/07/21 - 5:43pm

    As marketers, you understand the importance of having a system that promotes ease and efficiency when it comes to implementing marketing processes. You want to create content once and use it over and over in different ways to create contextual user experiences. 

    Drupal provides you with a variety of powerful, integrated tools to not only help you understand who you visitors are and what they want to accomplish, but to also dig deeper into their interactions, engagements and habits with your site. 

    Here are just a few reasons why enterprise marketers adopt Drupal. 


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    Phase2: Talking Mapping at the 2014 ESIP Summer Meeting

    Planet Drupal - Mon, 2014/07/21 - 4:43pm

    Last week I had the opportunity to present at the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Summer Meeting held in Copper Mountain, CO. The Summer Meeting is a gathering of IT professionals from across several different agencies such as NASA, NOAA and USGS. Each year, the group comes together to talk about the challenges that they each face while trying to engage and support the scientific community.

    When I got in on Wednesday a few of us got together to talk about how to kickstart the Science on Drupal group. While there’s been a science presence in the Drupal community for several years now in one form or another, there’s been a recent interest in pooling resources together to make a larger group. We had a great time strategizing how to grow the group over chips and salsa.

    For my presentation, I went over various different tools for doing online mapping work, both with native Drupal tools and other toolsets.

    One of the big challenges that this community has to face is how to work with large datasets that don’t fit neatly into a typical Drupal site. For my part, we spent a lot of time going over how to leverage tools like D3, CartoDB, GeoServer, and Mapbox to connect to data outside of Drupal and provide meaningful interaction with it.

    They also exposed me to DEIMS, a Drupal distribution that they had collaborated on that also features some interesting ways to interact with external data. There was a great presentation at Drupalcon Austin on the distribution that’s definitely worth checking out.

    If you’re interested in catching the presentation, the slides are posted on Github and the video is here. If you’re interested in catching up with what’s going on with the Drupal in Science working group, check out their page on

    Thanks again to Adam Shepherd and the rest of the ESIP Drupal Working Group for inviting me out to hang out and learn from their experiences.


    Drupal core announcements: Work on Drupal 8 at major core sprints, August 7-10

    Planet Drupal - Mon, 2014/07/21 - 4:22pm

    This summer is an important time to help get Drupal 8 done, so there is no good reason to skip getting together. We are holding two Drupal 8 sprints at the same time on August 7 to 10: one in North America at TCDrupal, and one in Europe at Drupalaton. Sprinters from both events will collaborate on Drupal 8 issues.

    Join jthorson, xjm, alexpott, Crell, mtift, YesCT, and other lead Drupal 8 developers at Twin Cities DrupalCamp (North America) or dawehner, swentel, fago, Wim Leers, rteijeiro, lewisnyman, emma.maria and Gábor Hojtsy among others at Drupalaton (Europe). Read more in the event announcement.


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