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Clemens Tolboom: My sync2dev script on Mac

ma, 2016/05/09 - 12:58pm

# Sync database
# Fix before receiving files
# Get the files
# Fix after receiving
# Drupal 7 variant of cache-rebuild
# Login to site
# Make sure drush finds the features drush extension
# List features with changes


Jay Clickable Background Takeover Ads

ma, 2016/05/09 - 7:48am

For the past few days, I wrote three blog posts on how to configure three modules: Drupal Background Images Module Configuration Manual, Drupal Background Images Formatter Module Configuration Manual & Drupal BackgroundField Module Configuration Manual

Today I'll finally reveal how to create clickable background takeover ads. I'll use Drupal as an example, but the concept itself should apply to just about any type of website. Are you ready? Here we go:

Tags: Drupal 7Drupal Planet

Pronovix: Brightcove Video Connect for Drupal 8 - Part 1: Architecture

zo, 2016/05/08 - 10:19pm

The Drupal 8 version of the Brightcove Video Connect module was written from scratch in order to take advantage of the architectural changes in Drupal 8, especially the new Entity Data Model. Designed around the new entity system in Drupal 8, the new Brightcove module seamlessly integrates video publishing into the Drupal editorial workflow and interface. This alleviates the fragmented editorial experience typically associated with 3rd party video hosting services.


DrupalCon News: Come by! Registration is open.

zo, 2016/05/08 - 8:54pm

We are just kicking off registration - totes, and badges and t-shirts, oh my!  We will be open until 6:00pm today and will open up bright and early at 7:00am tomorrow.

We are located in the Hall G lobby of the New Orleans Convention Center.  Please note - when you enter, it is quite far down (about 1 mile/1.6km) from the main entrance, but just following the purple signs; we are here waiting for you.