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Acquia Developer Center Blog: Tutorial: Drupal 8 WYSIWYG, Inline and Responsive Images

do, 2016/03/10 - 10:25pm

There are some excellent improvements to modeling data in Drupal 8, including a number of new fields. This is going to make it easier to model content in Drupal. Let’s look at the image handling in Drupal 8 and what changes are in store.

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Lullabot: Tugboat: A Visual Website QA Tool for Enterprise Teams

do, 2016/03/10 - 10:00pm
Matt and Mike sit down with a number of Lullabots to talk about Tugboat, which allows you to "review every feature or bug fix with automatic builds." In developer-speak, it's an easy-to-use, multi-platform pull-request environment generation tool. Tugboat is one of the ingredients of Lullabot's secret sauce, and it's awesome!

Zivtech: Top Five Drupal 8 Ready Themes

do, 2016/03/10 - 8:50pm

The Drupal community welcomed the much anticipated release of Drupal 8 a few months ago. And then the questions began. Should I port my Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 site to D8? What themes are available in Drupal 8?

While there are hundreds of themes available to Drupal developers, so far 93 are Drupal 8 ready. There are some significant differences between D7 and D8 theming. And the number of themes for D8 is only going to grow. Here are our top five favorite Drupal themes now available in D8.


With a pre-release version for D8 now available, this base theme has become one of the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS frontend frameworks in the world for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. Bootstrap 3 is out now, and 4 is in development, according to the theme’s home page. This theme is a bridge between the Bootstrap Framework and Drupal.


Built by Zurb, Foundation is a family of responsive front-end tools you can use to design responsive websites, apps and emails. Foundation is semantic, readable, flexible, and customizable.


This D8 friendly theme ships with Bear, a set of modules and base configuration an install profile that minimizes time to start a new Drupal project without sacrificing the quality of the build. Bear Skin comes with a sub-theme, Bear Coat, that contains some basic styling. We built Bear and Bear Skin here at Zivtech.


​Everything you need to know is in the name. Basic is simple and flexible and gives front end developers the essential pieces that they need to get a design up and running. Basic has a clean HTML5 structure with extensible CSS classes and IDs for unlimited options. Basic, which uses the Bourbon library of Sass mixins, comes from Vancouver web shop The Jibe.


Built by Velir, Neato theme was created on the Neat grid system. It also incorporates Bourbon for easier grid theming. Bourbon and Neat are Sass libraries. Developers can choose components to use because Neato isn’t stacked with any JS plugins or files.

Check out these themes to preview and download at the official Drupal site.


Amazee Labs: DrupalCon Asia - Impressions from India

do, 2016/03/10 - 2:53pm
DrupalCon Asia - Impressions from India

DrupalCon Asia was an impressive and very successful event, bringing together more than 1000 Drupalistas from India, Asia and the entire world.

This conference was special in many ways. The spirits of the various Indian Drupal communities definitely had a huge impact on how outside visitors, like myself, perceived the whole conference. It was great to see so many people from all over India and beyond gather for 4 days of sessions, sprinting, BoFs and more.

Josef Dabernig Thu, 03/10/2016 - 14:53

Coming from a small European country and being a first-time visitor, the scale of India was just overwhelming. And so was the size of its community. One of my goals for this trip was to get a better understanding of the local community. I'll publish a second blog post, to highlight the diversity of the community that has been represented at DrupalCon Asia, in the weeks ahead.

For now, I’ll share my experiences of DrupalCon Asia. Before DrupalCon India kicked off, Parth Gohil showed us around Mumbai. The capital city of the Indian state Maharashtra has more than 18 million habitants. Being stuck in traffic for hours, when travelling north/south during rush hours, is nothing unusual.

Of course we went to see impressive architecture, including the famous Gateway of India

The city felt much more organized than I had expected. Here we're walking on the promenade of Mahim Bay. The bay features an enormous bridge of 5.6 kilometers: the Bandra-Worli Sea Link connects the upper and lower ends of the bay. 

Mumbai had a lot to offer and in our efforts to see interesting architecture, we passed by Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. The busy train station is an entry point to connect with Indian Railways - one of the largest railway networks consisting of over 100 000 km' of track. The Mumbai local trains carry more than 7.5 million commuters per day!

I was glad to meet enzo - Eduardo Garcia, amongst many others. We first met at DrupalCamp Centroamerica 2009 in Nicaragua, when he just started travelling Around the Drupal World in 120 Days. Quite impressive: Enzo is currently visiting 13 countries in Asia, Australia and North America.

DrupalCon Asia was held at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay - IITB in Powai, a modern neighbourhood featuring a big lake and tall buildings. The IITB has a long history of using Drupal themselves, led by pioneers like P Sunthar. Thanks to their cooperation, DrupalCon Asia could provide affordable ticket prices to the diverse audience from all over India and beyond.

The theme of colourful India not only dominated the beautifully designed website, but also made it physically to the venue. The Indian folk art of Rangoli, visualised the conference logo using sand art at the venue.

The prenote was a really special one. "We've outsourced the Prenote" - Indian community representatives decided to outsource this task to a United States company. Obviously, this leads to a great amount of funny paraphrases on the topic of outsourcing and the stereotypes we may have about the U.S. or India.

The whole opening session culminated in a Bollywood dance act, with half of the attendees gathering on stage to celebrate DrupalCon Asia in India. As reported on twitter, this was the most people ever dancing at a DrupalCon prenote.

Next, the Indian community representatives gathered with Dries, inviting him to wear a turban of course! After that, they lit a candle together. This local tradition is referred to as "Deep prajwalan" - no Wikipedia article exists on that, but according to my fellow Indian attendees, this it means: "Lead me from darkness to light".

There were a lot of opportunities to grow for everyone involved in the conference. The sponsors’ area was really crowded and active. Many local Drupal agencies ranging from a few to several hundred employees, are hiring at the moment.  

One of the most attended sessions was Hooks, Events, Plugins, and Services: Pick the right tool for the job by Kim Pepper. He was amongst various other attendees from Australia and I was glad to hear more from the folks who worked on supporting the digital transformation of the Australian Government web platform aGov.

DrupalCon and any kind of Drupal event are all about connecting people. This conference really felt special because it was big (more than 1000 attendees) and 80 per cent of the attendees were attending their first DrupalCon.  

As part of her keynote on day 2, Danese Cooper, Board Member of the Drupal Association gave an in-depth historical analysis of the Indian free & open source movements.

Again, the local community surprised the audience with a flash mob and Bollywood dancing.

The sponsor area also featured a community stand, where representatives of the different Indian Drupal communities were available for discussions. They also gave out stickers and flyers. 

Of course, there's no DrupalCon without parties & after-event activities. The locals took us to some great places with awesome views over the city. I was especially excited about doing some Bollywood moves together :) 

As mentioned, the venue was close to the very calm Powai Lake. 

Sprints were a huge success for DrupalCon Asia. More than 350 people attended and collaborated on improving Drupal 8 and contributed modules. 

They were also great opportunities to connect with different communities. So MortenDK set up a discussion with Dan Callahan from Mozilla to explain and discuss service workers for Drupal.

One of the biggest, and my favourite moment of any DrupalCon, is when new contributors get up on stage and get their first patches committed to Drupal core. This time, Angie "webchick" Byron was joined by the three Indian contributors, sidharthap, vaidehi bapat and nileema.jadhav, who collaborated on an improvement for Drupal core. Their commits got attributed and were pushed to Drupal 8.1.x and 8.0.x respectively.

DrupalCon India had a lot to offer; many people, many cultures, many great success stories and many to follow. Besides all the happy faces, I'll definitely also miss the outstanding variety of foods! 

Finally, let me leave you with a map: these are the attendees of DrupalCon Asia 2016, which have had their country/city information publicly shared on the event site. It was a great experience, meeting with such fresh, mature and fast-growing communities.

Thank you to everyone involved and I hope to see you at one of the upcoming Drupal conferences. Find one next to you on Drupical or start your own! Stay tuned for my follow up post, featuring more details on the communities represented at DrupalCon Asia.

(Main image was taken with Michael Cannon's camera)


J-P Stacey: Some themes and discoveries at Drupalcamp London 2016

do, 2016/03/10 - 10:37am

I attended Drupalcamp London and its pre-camp CxO business day last weekend, and it was as good as I'd predicted if not better. A lot of what's so great about it is difficult to write down—the conversations in hallways, the putting of names to faces, the "a-ha" moments for your own way of working—but here's a few notes on what I picked up on the day. The kind folks over at Real Life Digital have already written something more succinct, so feel free to read theirs first.

Read more of "Some themes and discoveries at Drupalcamp London 2016"


Valuebound: User creation with additional field

do, 2016/03/10 - 8:18am

We always talk about building a community platform using Drupal. In large website we also need lot of user having different roles and associated permission. In this post we are going to explore how can we add users as well adding fields to user profile page. As a site admin, we have ability to add multiple user at any point of time. We can enable permission to allow anonymous users to create new account in your site.

1. How to create a new user account

Step 1.1: Log in as admin.

Step 1.2: Go to Manage >> People


KatteKrab: Drupal Association - Election time! Or do you know what the DA does?

do, 2016/03/10 - 7:58am
Thursday, March 10, 2016 - 17:58

We've got a great line-up of candidates to choose from this year in the Drupal Association board election. It's a really tough choice.

But reading through the candidates statements it seems many of them seem to think that being on the board of the association somehow influences the project directly. It doesn't.

The board governs the association. It doesn't govern Drupal.

The Association doesn't govern Drupal either.

As a community - we should probably think and talk about project governance more than we do, and perhaps consider or Re-consider how the association fits into the picture.

The Association works to keep the lights on for, and run DrupalCon. There's other important stuff, but those two things are the Big Jobs - the heavy lifting. Last year we ran a fund-raising campaign to directly fund work on the project. That was new, and great work was done, but we also didn't decide who did that work, or what work they did.

Last year, Holly (our awesome Executive Director) wrote a great blog post that outlines what the board does.

Anyway - some rushed and random thoughts after I cast my vote.

Please cast yours!

If you have an account on and logged in during the past 12 months, you are eligible to vote. Please do so!


KnackForge: Drupal 7 - How to programatically update field value

do, 2016/03/10 - 7:30am
Drupal 7 - How to programatically update field value

In general, we can use node_save to save a new node or alter the existing node and then save the changes. Since the topic here is about programmatically updating field value, let us look at an example rather going deep into node_save.

  $node = node_load($nid);
  $node->fieldname['und'][0]['value'] = 'field value';

suresh Thu, 03/10/2016 - 12:00

KnackForge: How to use Font awesome icons in Adobe Photoshop

do, 2016/03/10 - 5:53am
How to use Font awesome icons in Adobe Photoshop

Font Awesome is a popular font icon package used by web designers and developers. The old fashioned technique to create icons was simply to crop images to work as icons and provide the same image quality for all sizes. Font Awesome is a more sophisticated alternative. You can use Font Awesome in any website by loading the font and css files, and you can also integrate it into your Photoshop designs. Let me show you how to use Font awesome icons in Adobe photoshop here,

Manoj Thu, 03/10/2016 - 10:23

OSTraining: How to Add Disqus Comments to Drupal 8

wo, 2016/03/09 - 10:31pm

While Drupal comes with it's own comment system many users prefer to use Disqus as a centralised comment platform.

Adding Disqus to Drupal 8 is a simple process. You will need to take three steps: install the module, create a Disqus account, and hide Drupal's default comments.


Mediacurrent: Want more reasons to come to DrupalCon New Orleans?

wo, 2016/03/09 - 7:22pm

Are you on the fence about coming to DrupalCon North America in New Orleans, May 9 - 13, 2016? If the addition of three new session tracks or the record setting 767 proposed sessions isn’t enough to convince you that this year’s conference is going to rock, let me entice you with what New Orleans has to offer!


Acquia Developer Center Blog: APIs in Drupal 8: REST-aware Routing

wo, 2016/03/09 - 6:55pm

Larry "Crell" Garfield led the Drupal 8 Web services Initiative.

The mandate: to make Web services better in Drupal. Or, as the group phrased it in their mission statement, "Drupal needs to evolve from a first-class CMS to a first-class REST server with a first-class CMS on top of it."

When Drupal 8 launched late last year, the consensus was that the initiative accomplished its goal. It's much easier now for Drupal developers to expose content and features on their sites via an API. In fact, the capability is built right into Drupal 8 Core. Some contrib modules are attempting to make such capabilities even better, too.

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SitePoint PHP Drupal: Your First Drupal 8 Migration

wo, 2016/03/09 - 6:00pm

Migrate is one of the most established modules in the Drupal ecosystem. So much so that with Drupal 8, a decision has been made to get some of its functionality ported and added to Drupal core. An important reason was that the traditional upgrade between major releases was replaced with a migration of Drupal 6 […]

Continue reading %Your First Drupal 8 Migration%


Promet Source: Let It RIDE, Or How to Setup and Run Test Cases in Robot Framework

wo, 2016/03/09 - 4:37pm


Step 1: Install Python Some Packages

sudo apt-get install build-essential


sudo apt-get install libreadline-gplv2-dev libncursesw5-dev libssl-dev libsqlite3-dev tk-dev libgdbm-dev libc6-dev libbz2-dev


Step 2: Install Python pip

sudo apt-get install -y python-pip


Step 3: Install Robotramework

sudo pip install robotframework


Step 4: Install wxPython (RIDE dependency)


ThinkShout: The Next Chapter for Mandrill

wo, 2016/03/09 - 4:00pm

It’s easy to take for granted all the great tools we use on the web, everything from email, to social media, to git hosting. Many of these services are free or use advertising to support the sometimes significant costs to run them. Mandrill is one of those great tools and one that we’ve been recommending to our clients on a consistent basis. If you’re unfamiliar with Mandrill, it’s a transactional email service for sending email ranging from password resets to Commerce receipts. Now we realize that your webserver can already send email, so why bother with a service like Mandrill? It offers three major advantages:

  • Deliverability
  • Reporting and accountability
  • Templated emails that look great across all email clients

As the team who originally partnered with MailChimp to build the Mandrill module, we might be a bit biased, but we think it’s one of the best transactional email services out there that integrates with Drupal. We have many clients that use both MailChimp and Mandrill, and many that use Mandrill by itself. In fact, we just completed a Mandrill 8.x-1.0-alpha1 release with all the great features of Mandrill for Drupal 8.

Change is inevitable though, and MailChimp has decided to refocus the Mandrill service on their core value of delivering customized email to users. This doesn’t mean Mandrill is going away by any means, just that it’s new focus will be on delivery of 1:1 customized emails as opposed to 1:many emails. MailChimp already provides a great way of delivering 1:many emails as a part of your email campaigns, and Mandrill will focus on the customized 1:1 delivery of email. This should reduce the number of users using Mandrill to send 1:many emails, many of which are spammers abusing the system.

You can read more about the announcement on the MailChimp blog along with the FAQ they prepared for customers. At the heart of the change is the requirement of having a paid MailChimp account and purchasing Mandrill credits to use the Mandrill service. Your MailChimp and Mandrill accounts can be merged on March 16th and a single monthly subscription will be maintained going forward. According to the MailChimp FAQ, the minimum cost of having both services will be $10 for the basic MailChimp account and $20 for 25,000 Mandrill emails sent in a month.

This does mean Mandrill as a free service is going away and for some people, this means that they’ll need to find an alternative transactional email service. The good news is that there are alternatives out there, and some are even honoring Mandrill’s free level. If you’re looking for one of those free alternatives, try Sparkpost, Amazon SES, or SendGrid. Not all of these services have Drupal modules at this point, but many do, and could be worth trying out.

Our recommendation for many of our clients is to stick with Mandrill for a number of reasons. For those that already use MailChimp and Mandrill, the additional monthly cost is not significant enough to switch in many cases, and having a single account to manage can be beneficial. For those clients that only use Mandrill now, adding a new monthly cost can feel a bit more burdensome. The stability of the Mandrill service and Drupal module does outweigh the cost of switching in many situations, but we are sensitive to our clients’ budgets and may look at the alternatives if it makes sense. It’s important to note that all Mandrill accounts must be merged with an existing MailChimp account by April 27th.

What does this mean for the Mandrill module for Drupal and our ongoing support and maintenance of it? MailChimp has assured us they are committed to the Mandrill service for the foreseeable future and will be looking at ways MailChimp and Mandrill can work better together. We also see a lot of ways the two modules can be combined and managed as one, making it easier for users to view activity across the two services in one place. At this point, we will continue our support and development of the module, including the new Mandrill D8 release. We are excited to see where the Mandrill module goes and the additional value that MailChimp adds to the service going forward. Stay tuned for the next chapter of Mandrill!

Categorieën: frontpage posts: Mini Camp Atlanta 2016 - Drupal 8 all day

wo, 2016/03/09 - 3:55pm
Start:  2016-03-09 10:25 America/New_York Organizers:  Webbeh Event type:  Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Atlanta is holding a Drupal 8 mini camp Sat April 23rd 2016.

There are at least 5 of us going down for the day from Chattanooga.

All Drupal 8 - all day.

The organizers are especially interested in getting any south eastern universities/colleges to attend.


Acquia Developer Center Blog: How We Migrated Data into Drupal from Four Different Sources Using Migrate Module

wo, 2016/03/09 - 3:09pm

Some time ago we were contacted by a client to execute a migration: from a soon-to-be decommissioned site into Drupal.

Just when we thought that it would be a simple process, the requirements came in: “Migrate the data from Site A into Drupal, but also join data from Spreadsheet X, and some data already inside the Drupal website.”

To handle such complicated task, with so much different data, we chose the Migrate module to make our lives easier.

Tags: acquia drupal planet