CTI Digital: Drupal 7 End of Life Date Extended to 5 January 2025

Planet Drupal - Fri, 2023/06/09 - 4:31pm

Extended End-of-Life Timeline for Drupal 7


The Drop Times: Driving Innovation: Dries Buytaert's Keynote at DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023

Planet Drupal - Fri, 2023/06/09 - 11:19am
Discover the insights shared by Dries Buytaert, Founder and Project Lead of Drupal, as he took the stage at DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023. Explore the themes of innovation, licensing to innovate, jumping S-curves, and fostering experimentation. Get a glimpse of the exciting finalists in the Pitch-burgh Innovations Contest and witness how Drupal continues to inspire and drive innovation within its thriving community.

The Drop Times: Good Sleep, Superpowers, Open Source: An Interview with Dries Buytaert

Planet Drupal - Fri, 2023/06/09 - 8:42am
Aidan Dean Dunn (TDT) sits down with Dries Buytaert , creator of Drupal in a busy Starbucks to talk about Drupal, the use of open source, DrupalCon Pittsburgh...

Ixis.co.uk - Thoughts: Drupal 7 End of Life Date Extended to 5 January 2025

Planet Drupal - Thu, 2023/06/08 - 4:16pm
Previously, we announced an extension until 1st November 2023, but today, we are thrilled to announce that the final date for Drupal 7's end of life is now 5th January 2025! Find out what it means for your Drupal 7 website in our blog.

DinoTechno.com: What Does ChatGPT Think of Drupal?

Planet Drupal - Thu, 2023/06/08 - 1:36pm
If you are interested in knowing the opinion of ChatGPT about Drupal, Here are some of the questions and answers asked about Drupal CMS from ChatGPT. 1. What is Drupal? Drupal is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) that allows individuals and organizations to easily build and manage websites. It is written in […]

Promet Source: Expert Insights: Why Open Source for Government Sites

Planet Drupal - Thu, 2023/06/08 - 12:02am
Multiple moving parts needed to align for the 6th largest county in the United States to migrate its website from a proprietary software platform to an open source Drupal CMS within the timeframe of an 18-month hard stop. 

Acquia Developer Portal Blog: DrupalElementStyle: Add styles to drupal-media in CKEditor 5 using only configuration

Planet Drupal - Wed, 2023/06/07 - 6:51pm

With Drupal’s upgrade to CKEditor 5, users can now add their own attributes or styles to the media toolbar using the new DrupalElementStyle plugin via YAML definitions …without writing a single


Acquia Developer Portal Blog: Deciding between Acquia Site Studio and Drupal's Layout Builder

Planet Drupal - Wed, 2023/06/07 - 6:06pm

Speed to market is often critical for applications especially when rolling out new sites, features for an offering, or need to create campaign pages, landing pages, and other one off content that doesn't necessarily need to follow a strict template. 

The tool you use to achieve this could make or break this goal depending on your needs as well as how it is used. 

In this tutorial we aim to give you the questions you need to ask yourself when trying to decide whether using Drupal Core's Layout Builder or Acquia's Site Studio offering for your next project.

  1. Cost (both upfront and maintenance)

    Acquia Site Studio is a proprietary tool provided by Acquia to our Acquia hosted customers. One license is included with


Acquia Developer Portal Blog: How to Enable Project Browser on Your Drupal Site

Planet Drupal - Wed, 2023/06/07 - 6:05pm

Project Browser makes it easy for site builders to find modules. Once selected, instructions are provided on how to install the modules on your site. This browser lives inside the Drupal site itself, which means you don't need to leave your site in order to look for modules. Plus, it's a much improved experience than trying to page through modules by popularity on Drupal.org.

To get started, we must first composer require the module:


Lisa Streeter: Setting Order Number before Payment Transaction

Planet Drupal - Wed, 2023/06/07 - 5:38pm
The Goal

In Drupal Commerce, carts do not have order numbers. Order numbers are not set until checkout completion, when the order is placed. If the order type has been configured with a number pattern, that pattern is used to generate the order number; otherwise the order entity ID is used. As a result, when a credit card payment is added during checkout, the cart/order may not have its final Order Number yet. For some payment gateways, this is fine--only the order entity ID is needed.


clemens-tolboom commented on issue godotengine/godot-git-plugin#174

On github - Wed, 2023/06/07 - 1:06pm
clemens-tolboom commented on godotengine/godot-git-plugin#174 · June 7, 2023 11:06 clemens-tolboom commented Jun 7, 2023

I cannot exclude it from a HTML export having addons/* as exclusion No suitable library found for GDExtension: res://addons/godot-git-plugin/git_p…

The Drop Times: Could OpenAI and Drupal 10 Play the Master and the Muse?

Planet Drupal - Wed, 2023/06/07 - 10:35am
When OpenAI and Drupal comes together, it will be a perfect romance between two legends, just as the title implies. This article is the summarization of a lightning talk given by Kevin Quillen at DrupalCon Pittsburgh about ChatGPT and Drupal 10. ChatGTP is a natural language processing tool powered by artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI.

Security public service announcements: End of life announcement and changes to Drupal 7 support - PSA-2023-06-07

Planet Drupal - Wed, 2023/06/07 - 2:51am
Date: 2023-June-07Description: Drupal 7's end of life is January 5, 2025

On February 23, 2022, we announced that we would be extending the End-of-Life for Drupal 7 until at least November 1, 2023.

Today, we are officially announcing that Drupal 7 will reach its end of life on January 5, 2025.

With this final extension, the Drupal Security Team is also adjusting the level of support provided.

This will be the final extension.

Reduced support for moderately critical Drupal 7 issues

Effective August 1, 2023, the Drupal Security Team may choose to publicly post moderately critical and less critical issues affecting Drupal 7 in the public issue queue for resolution, as long as they are not mass-exploitable. (Security risk levels defined.)

Drupal 9 and above are not affected by this change. When a security issue affects both Drupal 7 and Drupal 10, for example, the Drupal 10 security advisory may be released without a corresponding Drupal 7 fix, and the Drupal 7 issue made public at that point.

Drupal 7 branches of unsupported modules are no longer eligible for new maintainership

Community support for contributed modules will continue as it has to date. However, beginning August 1, 2023, once the Drupal 7 branch of a contributed module is marked unsupported it will not be eligible for new maintainership and will not be marked supported again. This will be true if an existing maintainer marks the module unsupported, or if the security team marks it unsupported for lack of response. If there are Drupal 7 modules that you or your clients rely on, then we strongly encourage you to adopt these modules proactively.
The Drupal security team will not issue security advisories for any unsupported libraries that Drupal 7 contributed modules rely on, such as CKEditor 4.

PHP 5.5 and below will no longer be supported on Drupal 7

Effective August 1, 2023, we will no longer support PHP versions lower than 5.6 for Drupal 7. We may issue further PSAs increasing the minimum PHP requirement any time before Drupal 7's end of life.

Security fixes will no longer be provided for Drupal 7 Windows-only issues

Effective August 1, 2023, we will no longer provide Drupal 7 security fixes for Windows-only issues. If you are running a Drupal 7 site on Windows, you should look into migrating to another operating system for hosting your site.

Drupal.org will no longer package Drupal 7 distributions

Effective August 1, 2023, Drupal.org will no longer create Drupal 7 distribution packages with Drush make files. If you need a distribution built, you can use drush make locally.

This is the final extension of Drupal 7 community support

Current support is made possible thanks to the Drupal core maintainers, the Drupal Security Team, and organizations and volunteers who contribute to Drupal 7 issues.

You can donate to support the work of the Drupal Security Team on our Security Team Donations page.

To learn more about sponsoring Drupal core maintainers and contributors, read xjm's blog post: Why sponsor a core committer?

What the Drupal 7 End of Life means for you

Once Drupal 7 reaches End of Life, this means:

  1. The Drupal Security Team will no longer provide support or Security Advisories for Drupal 7 core and contributed modules.
  2. Security issues for Drupal 7 may be disclosed in public, and zero-days (i.e, security vulnerabilities being exploited in the wild without advance warning) may occur.
  3. Drupal.org will no longer support tasks related to Drupal 7 including documentation navigation, automated testing, packaging, etc.
  4. All Drupal 7-compatible releases on project pages will be flagged as not supported.
  5. Some Drush functionality for Drupal 7 will stop working as the underlying Drupal.org infrastructure will be removed.
  6. Drupal.org file archive packaging (tar and zip files) for Drupal 7 will be shut off.
    The archives may be removed.
  7. There will be no more core commits on Drupal core 7.x.
  8. Package tarballs may no longer be downloadable.
  9. External vulnerability scans will flag Drupal 7 as insecure.

If you are still maintaining a Drupal 7 site, we recommend migrating to Drupal 10 before the end of life date.

Announcing the Drupal Association migration partners program

The Drupal Association is working to certify migration partners to help Drupal 7 site owners.

Certified Migration Partners will be promoted on Drupal.org, alongside a migration resource library, to any end users looking for help.

Priority will be given to past extended support vendors and top contributors.

To learn more about the Drupal 7 Certified Migration Partners visit the Drupal 7 EOL landing page.

Coordinated By: 

The project lead, members of the Security team, and core committers contributed to this document.


Ben's SEO Blog: What Is Drupal?

Planet Drupal - Tue, 2023/06/06 - 10:39pm
What Is Drupal? Here are some key concepts for marketers and other non-developers about Drupal, as well as some useful tips before jumping into SEO on your or your Drupal website.

The Drop Times: Suchi Garg Reveals Key Responsibilities and Exciting Experiences at DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023

Planet Drupal - Tue, 2023/06/06 - 6:27pm
Discover the insights and experiences of Suchi Garg, Technical Manager at Salsa Digital and organizing committee member of DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023. In an exclusive interview with The Drop Times, Suchi discusses her responsibilities as a member of the Speakers Review Committee and her exciting involvement in the marketing committee. Get a glimpse into the DrupalCon North America and the valuable contributions of Suchi to the Drupal community.

The Drop Times: Drupal 7 EoL Extended by 14 Months; Announcement at DrupalCon Pittsburgh

Planet Drupal - Tue, 2023/06/06 - 5:57pm
Attendees gathered for the Security Team Panel focused on Drupal 7's end of life support.

Specbee: The Admin Toolbar - A Must-Have Drupal Module

Planet Drupal - Tue, 2023/06/06 - 3:29pm
The Admin Toolbar - A Must-Have Drupal Module Priyanka Phukan 06 Jun, 2023 Subscribe to our Newsletter Now Subscribe Leave this field blank

Wait…hear us out first - imagine a scenario where you need to dig into your traditional closet to find that one dress to wear for a special occasion. How’s the picture? Tiresome?

Now imagine a walk-in closet where you can quickly browse through all your outfits and hand-pick your favorite one for that special occasion.

The latter saves you time and gives you quick access to a variety of options. The Drupal Admin Toolbar module does the same for site admins. It makes your job easy and quick, gets you to your destination easily, and saves you a lot of time digging through your options on your website.

In this blog, you’ll read about the benefits and uses of the Admin toolbar module. You’re probably already using it, but if not, you will once you read this blog. Even if you are, read it anyway because we’ll also talk about a few less-known facts about this module.

What is the Admin Toolbar Module?

In the digital age, expecting things to get easier and easier with lesser human effort has become the norm. And this module is also an example of such ease of moderation.

The Admin Toolbar module is an upgrade to the standard or default toolbar, the administration menu at the top of your site. Using the module, you can empower the regular toolbar with drop-down menus and get quick access to all your admin pages.

This is a light module and can overwrite your default toolbar core module. It employs responsive shortcuts and keeps the default toolbar functionalities active.

Few Facts and Usage Stats of Drupal Admin Toolbar Module

Did you know that the Drupal Admin Toolbar Module was released on April 20, 2015? And over time, its usage has kept growing consistently. Now, more than 280,000 websites have used this module.

Source: Drupal.org

Although this module is not yet in Drupal core, it could be a great feature to add to it. This way, it can further enhance usability out of the box.

Version Status and Sub-modules

Version 3.x of this module has a configuration form so that site admins can limit the stock of bundles to be displayed in the drop-down menus.

Additionally, you can use the accompanied submodules as below:

Admin Toolbar Extra Tools: With this submodule, you can add a few menu items like Cache Rebuild, Run Cron, Index site, etc. which are frequently used admin tasks.

Admin Toolbar Search: You need this module to empower the search box to look for admin pages.

Admin Toolbar Links Access Filter: Using this submodule, you can filter out the links that shouldn’t be accessible by users. Makes sure to use the route name instead of the internal path for custom menu links.

Benefits of the Admin Toolbar Module

Not just the configuration form for this module, but Drupal has a comprehensive system that includes various configuration forms. Most of these configuration forms are nested and so, users can access them from the parent tab.

The default toolbar cannot lead you to your destination, as the administration menu is not expansive. It did take up one’s time having to visit various websites for one particular action. In the previous scenario (before the launch of this module), you had to click on Content Type and then on Article to add an article.

Thanks to this module, you can now save a lot of time with drop-down lists with responsive, expanded functionalities. Additionally, you can restrict users from accessing certain links on our website. For this, you have the Admin Toolbar Access Filter, a submodule mentioned earlier.

How to install the Admin Toolbar module?

Let’s start by downloading the Admin Toolbar module first.

1. Run this Composer command:

composer require drupal/admin_toolbar

2. Visit Extend page and click on Extend

Or visit: https://

3. Search for “admin toolbar” in the search box

4. Select the checkbox for Admin Toolbar

5. Install the Admin Toolbar module and its three submodules



The functionality of the toolbar depends on the collaboration of all four modules.

The Admin Toolbar Module and its 3 Submodules

Here is a breakdown of all four modules that create the best output with collaboration:

Admin Toolbar

It is the base module and provides dropdown functionalities on your standard toolbar after installation.

Source: Drupal.org

As mentioned earlier, the 3.0.0 version of the module introduced a new configuration form which may have created performance issues. In order to configure this issue, go to:

Admin > Configuration > User interface > Admin Toolbar Tools

Make sure to take a hard look at the warning that says “Loading a large number of items can cause performance issues.”

Admin Toolbar Extra Tools

One of the three submodules, the Admin Toolbar Extra Tools lets you add extra drop-down functionality via the following functions:

  • Additional menu options in the dropdown functionality
  • A Drupal logo in the top left corner of the Admin Toolbar
  • A list of functioned indexed alphabetically
  • Flush individual or all caches
  • Need not wait for 3 hours, instead run cron job immediately
  • Post module updates, run a system update 
  • Employ quick access to logout function
Admin Toolbar Links Access Filter

Site admins can restrict users from accessing specific links. These users will have “Use the Administration Pages and Help” permission but no access to certain pages on the website. However, such users can still view the menu items. This submodule can be used simply by installing it and does not require any configuration.

Admin Toolbar Search

You will find the Admin Toolbar Search box on the Admin Toolbar itself. Beginners, site builders, or admins new to Drupal can use this search box to look for functions or administrative and configuration pages.

Complementary Modules

These are a few sub-modules to add the cherry topping to the cake you made with the Admin Toolbar module - 

Final Thoughts

If you want a list of must-have Drupal modules for your website, the Admin Toolbar module is one to include in that list. Site admins and builders can easily manage content and configure and develop a better user experience.


Author: Priyanka Phukan

Meet Priyanka, a Junior Content Writer and Marketer at Specbee. Priyanka’s a Grammar-Freak with a knack for creating impactful content with ‘words’ being her weapon of choice. A foodie who likes all things chicken. When not writing, she likes to play the Uke and sing. On blue days, you’ll find her binge-watching Asian dramas.

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