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On github - Wed, 2019/08/28 - 11:42am
clemens-tolboom commented on issue hechoendrupal/drupal-console-core#366 Aug 28, 2019 clemens-tolboom commented Aug 28, 2019

composer depends drupal/console-en drupal/console-core 1.9.2 requires drupal/console-en (1.9.2) drupal/drupal 8.7.x-dev requires drupal/console-en …

clemens-tolboom commented on pull request hechoendrupal/drupal-console-core#364

On github - Wed, 2019/08/28 - 11:28am
clemens-tolboom commented on pull request hechoendrupal/drupal-console-core#364 Aug 28, 2019 clemens-tolboom commented Aug 28, 2019

AFAIK the idea of the console/language directory is you can add your own translation there and manage those in your own (git) workflow. That is why d…

Drupal Association blog: Welcome Carole Bernard to the Drupal Association

Planet Drupal - Tue, 2019/08/27 - 8:50pm

The Drupal Association (DA) is pleased to announce the recent hire of Carole Bernard as the Director of Marketing and Outreach. She and her team will focus on increasing visibility for the Drupal Association and opportunities for Drupal adoption through marketing, community engagement, volunteer management and public relations activities.

With extensive nonprofit and public sector experience, Bernard has served in senior leadership roles for more than 15 years at local, regional and national organizations.  

Bernard, a Boston native, began her career as a speechwriter for the Mayor of Boston. She then worked as the Director of Public Information for the largest human service agency in New England, Action for Boston Community Development, Inc. She started her own consulting business in 2015, providing strategic communications, fundraising and executive management services to nonprofit organizations in the Washington, DC area. She recently served as the Director of Communications and Marketing for Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Inc. She also has worked for Paralyzed Veterans of America, National Center for Women and Children and the National Minority AIDS Council as their Director of Communication.

“I am so excited to be a part of the dynamic team at the Drupal Association,” says Bernard. “I am blown away by the passion and commitment of the Drupal community, and I look forward to working with everyone to tell the DA story, to showcase the Drupal project, to broaden the organization’s reach to new audiences and to increase opportunities for Drupal adoption around the world through strategic communications and outreach efforts.”

“We want to continue to position Drupal as the leading open-source CMS for ambitious digital experiences that reach audiences across multiple channels around the world,” says Heather Rocker, DA Executive Director. “We also want to expand our efforts to bring new entities and individuals to the table to participate in our global community. We are excited to have Carole join us and to help us lay out and execute a plan that leverages all of the DA assets for growth, inclusion, awareness and participation.”

Bernard received her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Framingham State College and her master’s degree in Journalism from Boston University.


Code Karate: Drupal 8 URL Embed Module

Planet Drupal - Tue, 2019/08/27 - 4:42pm
Episode Number: 223

The Drupal 8 URL Embed Module makes it easy to add embeddable URL’s into your Drupal website. What exactly is an embeddable URL? It’s an easy way to turn your links to popular social sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and more into a nicely formatted embed code that displays a preview of the content directly on your site.

Tags: DrupalDrupal 8MediaSite BuildingSocial ToolsDrupal Planet
Categories: What should you know about the plan for Drupal 9

Planet Drupal - Tue, 2019/08/27 - 3:01pm
Congrats, Drupal 9 release is planned for June 2020! In the meantime, you should ensure that your platform is ready for the upgrade. Although it should arrive easily and smoothly, your website still needs a plan.

Specbee: Drupal Translation - How to create Multilingual websites in Drupal 8

Planet Drupal - Tue, 2019/08/27 - 2:39pm
Drupal Translation - How to create Multilingual websites in Drupal 8 Mithun 27 Aug, 2019 Top 10 best practices for designing a perfect UX for your mobile app

Want an easy way to extend your market reach and ultimately your sales? Do you feel you need to personalize your website to every user no matter which country they belong to or what language they speak? Getting yourself a multilingual website is your best bet. Not only is it a more cost-effective marketing strategy, it also helps in increasing your website traffic and overall SEO. Drupal CMS has particularly taken up this challenge of providing not only users but also developers with the ability to access Drupal in a language that they prefer. And with Drupal 8 being multilingual out-of-the-box, it has become an ideal choice for businesses and developers. Powerful Drupal translation modules offer developers with granular configuration capabilities where every content entity can be translated.

What are Multilingual Websites?

Multilingual basically means written or available in different languages. Multilingual websites connect better with users from different countries as it immediately adds an element of familiarity. Drupal 8 provides an easy and a great experience of building a multilingual website. Currently Drupal 8 supports 100 different languages for translation.

Drupal 8 has a multilingual feature which comes along with the installation interface. As soon as you install Drupal, based on the browser preference, it provides a language for your Drupal website. Based on the option selected the site is installed in that particular language. Drupal 8 basically provides 4 different modules for language and content translation. We can enable the required Drupal modules in our site and use according to our needs in the website. 

The four core modules provided by drupal are

  1. Language module
  2. Content translation module
  3. Interface translation module
  4. Configuration translation module

Let’s catch up with what each module does, its configurations and how each module can be used in our Drupal website.

Firstly, you need to enable all the 4 core modules in your drupal site. All the translation modules can be configured at path /admin/config/regional

Drupal Language Module

This Drupal 8 language module is one of the core modules located at core/modules/language. It provides a feature of adding and choosing a new language to your Drupal website. Under /admin/config/regional/language/ you can simply add a new language to your site by clicking on the “Add Language” button. It provides a list of different languages from which you can choose the language you need for the development.

Choose the preferred language from the list and add it

Once the language is added the interface will look similar to this. In the above picture, the default language of the interface is set as English and spanish is the additional language installed. The 9172/9340(98.2%) under Interface translation indicates that 9172 words out of 9340 words available for translation are translated i.e 98.2% of the words in the interface are translated.

It also provides a block( Language switcher) to switch the language from one to another which can be placed at  any region of your Drupal website. Under /admin/structure/block we can place the language switcher block with which we can switch the default language of our website.

                                                                                Language Switcher

Once the block is placed in the region we will be able to switch to the different languages in the web page itself.

Content Translation Module

The Drupal Content Translation module allows you to translate content entities such as comments, custom block, contents, taxonomy terms, users etc. In order to translate the content entities, the website should have at least two languages installed. The content translation can be configured at path admin/config/regional/content-language . It provides a list of entity types which can be translated. 

For example, click on the content configuration option that appears for each content type.

Let us consider that the content translation is being enabled for the article content type. It provides an option to decide if each subtype entity to be translatable or not. We can also change the default language for a particular content type. Each field has an option to translate its content or not. 

                                                        Content Translation Module - Choosing the content

It also provides an option to input the content in the language which is suitable for the user while adding content from the backend interface. Once the above configuration is set up and when we try to add content to the Article content type we can see a Select option with the languages installed in our site. We can select any language and add content in the particular language selected.

                                                 Content Translation Module - Select the language

Once the contents are saved, users with translate permissions will see links to Translate its content. It provides an additional tab called “Translate” along with the  "Edit" links, and you'll be able to add translations for each configured language.

                                                         Content Translation Module - Select the languageInterface translation Module

 The Drupal Interface translation module is also a part of core module and can be easily enabled like any other drupal module. Once this module is enabled it is possible to replace any string in the interface with string which has been customized. Whenever this module encounters any string it tries to translate the particular string to the current language of the interface. If a particular translation is not available it is remembered and we can lookup into the untranslated string in the table.   

                                                                Interface translation Module

In the above example, the strings which are both translated and untranslated are displayed and we are able to modify the strings for the language that is installed as well.
The translations for the strings are put up in a single place called and the Localization Update module will automatically import the updated translation strings for your selected language. In Drupal 7 and previous versions, this was a contributed module. In Drupal 8 it is a part of a core module.

Configuration translation Module

The Drupal 8 Configuration Translation module allows configuration to be translated into different languages. The site name, views name, and other configurations can be translated easily using the configuration translation.

                                                                        Configuration translation Module


It also provides an option to input the content in the language which is suitable for the user while adding content from the backend interface. Once the above configuration is set up and when we try to add content to the Article content type we can see a Select option with the languages installed in our site. We can select any language and add content in the particular language selected.
Having a Multilingual website is a great way to building better and stronger relationships with users and prospective customers. Drupal 8 offers 100 languages to choose from to translate your website effectively. With Drupal 8 translation modules in core, developers now find it easier to install and adapt to a multilingual environment while providing businesses with great digital experiences.


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Hook 42: Hook 42 on Women's Equality Day: Facing Challenges In Tech

Planet Drupal - Mon, 2019/08/26 - 11:06pm
Hook 42 on Women's Equality Day: Facing Challenges In Tech Lindsey Gemmill Mon, 08/26/2019 - 21:06

Promet Source: Exciting Awards, Awesome Clients!

Planet Drupal - Mon, 2019/08/26 - 8:56pm
Promet Source is humbled to announce that this summer, two websites that we designed and developed for our clients have won three prestigious awards. 

1xINTERNET blog: Atomic Design: Consistency that pays off

Planet Drupal - Mon, 2019/08/26 - 7:54pm
Atomic Design: Consistency that pays off jule Mon, 08/26/2019 - 19:54

Web design has changed significantly in recent years. 

In the past all pages of a website were designed individually. Designers often did not pay attention to the re-use of elements, but rather treated all pages separately.

When websites started growing in size and complexity, this often led to inconsistent user experiences, because existing templates were used to display content they were not designed for.

Today, a much more holistic approach to web design is needed, taking current, changing, and future requirements into consideration.


Hook 42: Drupal Core Initiative Meetings Recap - August 19th-23rd, 2019

Planet Drupal - Mon, 2019/08/26 - 1:47pm
Drupal Core Initiative Meetings Recap - August 19th-23rd, 2019 Alona Oneill Mon, 08/26/2019 - 11:47

Jacob Rockowitz: How top US hospitals approach their online appointment request form

Planet Drupal - Mon, 2019/08/26 - 12:24pm

My previous post explores how requesting a medical appointment online begins a patient's digital journey. A hospital's appointment request form might be a new patient's first interaction with a healthcare institution. As such, it is one of the most public-facing forms for a healthcare institution, establishing the baseline for the quality of other external and even internal facing forms. The user experience of the appointment request form sets the tone for the entire patient experience.


A patient's successful user experience when finding, filling out, and submitting an appointment request form is determined by the visual, information, and interactive design of the website and form itself.

Visual design matters

Visual design identifies a healthcare institution’s brand and aesthetic. The quality of care at a healthcare institution is reflected on their website. The website's visual design should be clean, efficient, and caring. Since an appointment request form results in a call back from a live person, including a photograph of a nurse or clinician on the form or landing page can visually reinforce this expectation and experience.

Information design matters

Information design ensures that the patient understands how to navigate the form and makes it clear what information is required and what information is optional. Appointment request forms act as an ambassador of sorts, beginning an interaction between a patient and healthcare clinicians. The form's information design and corresponding editorial sets the tone of a patient's interaction with a healthcare institution.

Interactive design matters

Interactive design improves the flow and process for filling out a...Read More


ADCI Solutions: How much does it cost to build a website with Drupal in 2019?

Planet Drupal - Mon, 2019/08/26 - 9:29am

Almost every day we are asked the same question: “How much does it cost to build a website with Drupal?”. We understand that customers are tired of hearing that everything depends only on the complexity of the development, so we decided to answer this question in more detail. Of course, we didn't take into account the specific wishes of customers, but in this article, your client will find the information about factors that influence website development cost, where it is better to look for development teams and how long it takes to develop a website. 

Read this article and share it with your audience to make their knowledge of this issue more complete.



Categories: Component-based theming with Layout Builder

Planet Drupal - Sun, 2019/08/25 - 8:31pm
Component-based theming with Layout Builder I have previously written about using Drupal’s definition files in component-based theming and how it is possible to have component-specific layout and asset library definition files. Now that Layout Builder is stable it is time to have a look at how it can be used with theme components. aleksip Sun, 08/25/2019 - 21:31

Code Karate: Drupal 8 Shield Module

Planet Drupal - Sun, 2019/08/25 - 7:08pm
Episode Number: 222

The Drupal 8 Shield module allows you to protect your site using a simple htaccess authentication. It’s great for sites that you are working on that you don’t want the world (or Google) to see yet. This way you can send the site to a client or anyone really to test and just provide them the username/password to view the site. Once it’s ready to go, you can launch the site and remove this module.

If you have ever wanted to password protect your Drupal site, the Shield module will help with that!

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DrupalEasy: DrupalEasy Podcast 221 - Greg Anderson - Composer Support in Drupal 8 Core Initiative

Planet Drupal - Sat, 2019/08/24 - 6:31pm

Direct .mp3 file download.

Greg Anderson, Open Source Contributions Engineer at Pantheon joins Mike Anello to talk about the Drupal Community's [Composer Support in Core Initiative][(

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clemens-tolboom commented on issue hechoendrupal/drupal-console#3498

On github - Sat, 2019/08/24 - 8:58am
clemens-tolboom commented on issue hechoendrupal/drupal-console#3498 Aug 24, 2019 clemens-tolboom commented Aug 24, 2019

I remove WIP from #4138 as it looks OK to me. It does contain PR #4139