Beheaded on behat

As my behavior is not driven by skills I jump into Behat or Behavior Driven Development or BDD for short to BDD Drupal 8. Installing Behat is a no brainer as written down on home page. But what if one needs extensions. That is a little asking for trouble as both Behat 2 and Behat 3 exists.

This is what happened to me.

Feature: Test Drupal 8
  How to connect to a Drupal 8

  Scenario: Run behat without extensions
    Given I try to connect to "http://drupal.d8"
    Then I should fail

  Scenario: Run behat with mink extension
    Given I try to connect to "http://drupal.d8"
    Then I should suggest

We did implement Behat on our internal Symfony2 app together with Selenium so I had a good chance of getting to work on Drupal 8 with

Unfortunately I choose to work with Behat 3 doing composer require behat/behat:~3. But configuration file for behat.yml and the path for extensions changed.

vendor/bin/behat --config-reference

vendor/bin/behat --config-reference --profile=drupal8

Behat 2

Behat 3

      goutte: ~
      selenium2: ~
      base_url: http://drupal.d8/
        blackbox: ~