Bookmarklets tips from the Drupal developement mailing list

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== below is not by me ==


if(document.URL.indexOf('XDEBUG_PROFILE')<1) { 
  var sep=document.URL.indexOf('?');sep = (sep<1)? '?' : '&';

Switch from to

if ( /dev\./.test(location.href)){

And more

There are a handful of such useful freebies (including the one I did for DBG
for Chrome):

* FF easy Xdebug:
* FF vimxdebug:
* FF DBGbar:
* Chrome/Chromium Xdebug helper:
* Chrome/Chromium DBG helper:

I forked Xdebug helper to scratch my own itch for a DBG version. Zend
provides similar extensions for their debugger for PDT/ZS. And any browser
extensions not mentioned are mostly covered by the IDE developer/publisher
providing such accessories directly such as for IE, etc.

I can't remember and a quick search did not turn up what I used for Xdebug
session handling under IE but I seem to recall that it was a
bookmarklet-type solution rather than a packaged add-on.

I am sure you will find the bookmarklet or easy Xdebug, Xdebug helper, or
other extension all that you need.