My current Drush Issue Queue workflow

For reviewing patches I try to use mostly

Get latest code base

git checkout 8.x
git pull

Take an issue from the Issue Queue

Use the issue id or the issue id#comment to get a particular patch #
drush iq-apply-patch 1938158

Reinstall Drupal and work on the patch

Do what you have to do make Drupal work (again). And test or run tests

Change the patch and create a new one

diff 8.x > ~/Downloads/two-word-#nid-#comment.patch


drush iq-reset --yes

Really done

drush iq-reset --hard --yes

Generate interdiffs

Get different patches from the same issue
git checkout 8.x
drush iq-apply-patch 1934508#7
git checkout 8.x
drush iq-apply-patch 1934508#1
git checkout 8.x
drush iq-apply-patch 1934508#3
git checkout 8.x
Or even better
drush iq-apply-patch 1938184 --select

Choose from a list of branches

drush iq-branch
Now choose the branch containing patch from comment #7

Diff with #2

git diff drush-iq-cache-clear-doesnt-affect-logo-1934508-#2 > ~/Downloads/cache-clear-doesnt-affect-logo-1934508-2-7-interdiff.txt

Reinstall Drupal

drush sql-drop
drush @drupal.d8 sql-drop --yes

Get rid of file permission problems

sudo rm -r sites/default/files/
mkdir sites/default/files
chmod 777 sites/default/files

Manually install Drupal