Convert movie into animated gif.

Video to Images

Make sure not to make the resolution or duration extreme. Convert the movie into 3 digits indexed images.

One command

ffmpeg -i -r 15 godot-shader.gif

Making images to preprocess

ffmpeg -i -r 15 image-%3d.png

Weed out the duplicates

Remove unneeded images from the video manually.

Convert MTS video into MOV

ffmpeg -i MTS/00021.MTS -qscale 0 -deinterlace

get the audio from of a flash movie

Did you know? Did I knew? I needed to extract the audio from a flash movie. Quite simple right? So why took it 2 minutes my first time? Because I forgot the no interest in video switch. I found this one on

# -vn : video kill switch
ffmpeg -i video.flv -vn -acodec copy audio.mp3

That -acoder copy still puzzles me. It is a copy the audio codec. But my flash movie had a mp2 codec. Is that a problem for mp3 players?

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