Simple HTTP(S?) server serving WebASM content

!!! WIP !!! I was surprised that running python3 -m http.server could serve WebASM.

But what about HTTPS? According to this could be possible using

Meshing with a Mesh

In trying to answer a Godot G&A about distorting a Sprite/Mesh I came up with a (partly) solution

Using a MeshInstance2D with subdivisions it worked out as expected. But a Sprite has only 2 triagles forming a quad so moving a point influences maybe only 1 triangle with distortion on its bounderies.

Godot application not working for others. Check your log file

I've build a few iterations and suddenly it is broken. What!

Checking with the log file showed an error on a audio file name.

open ~/Library/Application Support/Godot/app_userdata/my-game/logs/godot.log


**ERROR**: Cannot load source code from file 'res://UI/'.

So ... moving code from project using UI in uppercase to on that has ui lowercase is a known MacOS problem.

Scale object in your editor scene?

I want the assets imported from Blender or other sources fit my scene needs

For this we need to find the bound of the mesh and scale accordingly.

Compiling Godot on MacOS

The documentation for compiling Godot is well written. The new tools are a little overwhelming at first but just follow the steps was good enough.

Building master branch

Fetching the latest master version then compiling I failed to compile the 3.2 version.

git checkout master
scons platform=osx arch=x86_64 --jobs=$(sysctl -n hw.logicalcpu)

gives some warnings and error.


A Skybox is part of a 3D World Environment.

  • You could change the default_env.tres
  • But you could also add a WorldEnvironment
  • Each camera has an Environment


Add a 360 photo

The 8K photo was downloaded from HDRIhaven old bus depot

First encounter with Godot

Godot engine

What is Godot

Godot engine is a free and open source 2D/3D game engine.



Testing with TensorFlow which involves compiling the game engine was a little challenge but ended well. The implementation of TensorFlow was a little limited so I discarded the idea to spent more time.