Knock knock who is calling

Knock knock

Who is calling my function so many times? With devel module and some probing using debug_backtrace and a nifty by ref variable it's a snap.

Views Add

When adding a views on has to decide what this view is about. What content do you want to display. Is it basically a node? Or a term. The basic idea is "What is your primary table". And is it possible to grab all related content with it?
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Block the Builder presentation at Drupal Jam 2009-06-26 Utrecht

This book is about what step I took to prepare the (temporary) demo site and what my presentation is about. Bob the Builder

In search of modules for faster user experience

What modules does one need to get faster user experience? This probably leads to using ajax.

One of my thought is some node/%/edit's one one page. Preferably on tabs too!

Just browsing the categories (javascript utilities) and content at is still overwhelming.

Here is a listing with just some modules.