Contributing to Drupal

This is a quick sketch / preparation for a particular 'Contributing to Drupal' 2 hours event.


To get started you may begin on Organizing sprints (work parties) and its sub pages. Don't bother to much about the term Sprint. We assume you want to focus together on something useful.

Sprint user types

See Roles at code sprints form more details.


Find issues fit to your audience(s). Non-coders van contribute regarding UX and documentation. Choose some favourite modules/themes, bad online pages, etc.


When contributing code you need to create a patch file which you need to upload to an issue

Finding bug

You can browser projecten and their issues through project pages like Tour UI or Drupal core then search for Tour UI issues.

Kanban board

There are several kanban board making use of d.o JSON API (see below).

Patch party

Wh choose some projects to find patch issues (needs review or needs work)


Running PHPUnit tests



This needs more commands!

git stash
git pull --rebase
git push
git stash pop


When bolt you can query JSON format when in need for further processing of issues, comments to prepare for a sprint.

Some Tour UI examples