Get the modules

Get a list of modules. What I did was use ls mysite/all/modules/ as a template and removed drush from that list.

./drush dl admin_menu advanced_help date drupalforfirebug drush_mm \
event flag og pathauto smartqueue_og token votingapi adminrole \
cck devel drush_sm fivestar nodequeue \
og_vocab rules timeline views wysiwyg

Drush nicely downloads all given drupal projects.

Project admin_menu (6.x-1.4) downloaded to /home/clemens/htdocs/ [success]
Project views (6.x-2.6) downloaded to /home/clemens/htdocs/ [success]
Project wysiwyg (6.x-2.0) downloaded to /home/clemens/htdocs/ [success]