yUML as a service

With the online service http://yuml.me one can draw some UML Diagrams. Wouldn't it be great to build that into Drupal? Checkout the new yUML module.

Use Case

To create a Use Case just type

[yuml diagram:usecase scale:60 debug:1
[Site builder]^[User]
[User]-(Add Article)
(Add Article)>(Add Body text)
(Add Article)>(Add Image)
[User]-(Delete Article)
then get this beautiful diagram.
<img src="http://yuml.me/diagram/plain;dir:LR;scale:60;/usecase/[user_1]^[User],[Customer]^[User],[Site builder]^[User],[User]-(Add Article),(Add Article)>(Add Body text),(Add Article)>(Add Image),[User]-(Delete Article)" />

Activity Diagram

[yuml diagram:activity scale:60 dir:RL debug:1
(start)->(Login)->(Create Article)->(Logout)->(end)
<img src="http://yuml.me/diagram/plain;dir:RL;scale:60;/activity/(start)->(Login)->(Create Article)->(Logout)->(end)" />

Class Diagram

You can create just a diagram with class names or add methods and properties. The example does the latter. Note the debug settings which could help debug errors regarding the rendering by http://yuml.me.

[yuml diagram:class debug:1
<img src="http://yuml.me/diagram/plain;dir:LR;scale:100;/class/[User|+Forename;+Surname;+HashedPassword;-Salt|+Login();+Logout()]" />


The service helps you talk about Drupal easier and could help documenting your site building and coding efforts and could help explain to the customer what you did.

Future plans are joining both Graph API and yUML to provide more site visualizations.