My development environment so far


These are my notes when doing my first (drupal) presentation @ FrOSCon 2008 Drupal Room This method uses the concepts
  1. All drupal sites in directory www
  2. All site-config in a separate directory
  3. All site-data in a separate directory
This way an upgrade to another drupal version runs smoothly. Hmmm this was about developer environment.

Add new local domain

Why do I need this? To make sites like http://nf.test or http://froscon.demo sudo su - echo froscon.demo >> /etc/hosts

First (baby) steps with Flash / ActionScript

I want to build some flash games. Just for fun? Yes and no.

Yes because it's fun to learn ActionScript. No because I hope to make money some day.

Some pointers for my system setting which is linux
- ActionScript Language Reference
- a swf compiler and more
- swftools

My first trials ended with a moving square rotating on click ... not very ... but I have some idea how it works.

Entity Relation Diagrams

What is the best way to translate a relational database into a drupal based site.

In looking for modules i ran into the next modules.

nodefamily looks promissing to navigate through nodes. It promisses to be a directed graph so it MUST BE cool ;-)

views_fusion makes it possible to create joined views "fuse multiple views into one" It looks unmaintained since may 2007.

nodehierarchy looks like nodefamily.

Just browsing the drupal 6 module list.

It's amazing to see so many modules being converted.

I definitely needs to start converting my modules too!

It take quite some time to upgrade my modules. I guess coder.module will help a lot with all hints.

Some references

Writing an article without pointer is pointless. So here is a start.

Version dependencies are described here

For a functional dependency specification (Nix and NixOS) see

direct debit payment method for ubercart

Call me stupid but I thought it was easy. Building a new payment method. I know drupal development a little. I read the core_systems and ubercart_hooks. No sweat developing this new payment method.

A node as an editable block

I want to create a edit node into a block with ajax submit.

I wanted to try panels 2 minipanel with a node%/edit override together. But some hour later ... nothing found yet.

This raw view may be handy:

But why not using some php? Below is a raw version

global $user;

$sql = "select nid from {node} where uid == %d";
$result = db_query( db_rewrite_sql( $sql), $user->uid);
$row = db_fetch_array( $result);

if( isset( $row) && isset( $row['nid']){
$node = node_load( 30);
print drupal_get_form($node->type .'_node_form', $node);

Like a DLL hell

Just installed some modules. It eventually becomes overwhelming. So many modules.
This is an installation while building a callcenter website.
free form: