Do we need git squash and thus forced pushes?

Weird unnatural bug

As a followup on A pinch of Symfony for D8MI? why do we need to squash?

After some more squash and push -f attempts regarding pull request for Symfony I get the hang of it.

But chx said in squash is bad as we loose history on the development process.

So how should we do this on d.o when git phase 3 lands? Those discussion seems to got to a halt.

  1. CVS to Git: Phase 3
  2. Personal sandboxes/repos/branches for issues for git

I do see the ratio behind squash from the receiving part as the pull request contains just one commit. So the log is clean and simple. Working locally I try to commit as early as possible thus having 10 commits needed to fit into one PR.

How do I work now?
I have two local branches named work-x and x. Only x is supposed to get pushed to remote eventually.

Work on the patch to be.

git checkout work-mc-meta
git fetch upstream
git rebase upstream/master
# work, commit, commit

Create the 1 commit for remote

git checkout mc-meta
git fetch upstream
git rebase upstream/master
git diff head work-mc-meta | git apply

So no need for squashing.