Remote File module

Subversion setup with svnserve

After using bazaar for some time I decided to turned back to subversion. The main reason is time. For some reasons my webservers bazaar version is way of my laptop version. So here is my laptop svn configuration. Not clean, not finished.

(This solution with svnserve is not workable in an open source enviroment. People need shell access for this method)

On the server side do

# Make the storage
mkdir /var/lib/svn
# Make sure nobody can read your repo directory
chmod o-rwx /var/lib/svn
cd /var/lib/svn
# Make a test repo
svnadmin create test
# Add test user

get the audio from of a flash movie

Did you know? Did I knew? I needed to extract the audio from a flash movie. Quite simple right? So why took it 2 minutes my first time? Because I forgot the no interest in video switch. I found this one on

# -vn : video kill switch
ffmpeg -i video.flv -vn -acodec copy audio.mp3

That -acoder copy still puzzles me. It is a copy the audio codec. But my flash movie had a mp2 codec. Is that a problem for mp3 players?

free form: 

Importing languages the rough way.

Guess it's not intended to do but this is how I import languages into Drupal 6.

  1. wget the language files needed
  2. run the script below which creates *_full.po files.

    #!/usr/bin/env bash

    for FILE in *.tar.gz
    DIR=`basename $FILE ".tar.gz"`
    [ -f $OUT ] && rm $OUT && echo "File $OUT removed ... "
    [ -d $DIR ] && rm -r $DIR && echo "directory $DIR gemoved ..."
    [ ! -d $DIR ] && mkdir $DIR && echo "directory $DIR created ..."
    cd $DIR
    tar xzf ../$FILE
    find . -type f -name "*.txt" -exec rm {} \;
    rm $OUT

Implementing a ad service

This is a test for a ad service. I thought is was hard to implement an ad service. But it is not. Just a few copy and paste actions at the right places. [edit] Well initially it was easy but the video is not working now. That's quite annoying. Maybe it is because I use the files from Jeroen Wijering his site. If they are moved or that site is unavailable it will break. So I changed this by grabbing the files from my own site. [/edit]

JWPlayer 4.2

I'm having troubles with the image preview when playing a video. The video goes dead. It seems version or content (?) dependent. The first movie uses all content and player from This player is from (4.2.90)

Drupal from the prompt. A dutch presentation.

I prepared a presentation for the Third Drupal Jam held in the Netherlands.

This is off course in Dutch. See the attached pdf.

Mail a friend

This link must fire up the local email client program. I did this mailto:?subject=Interesting%20site&body=

There are way more options for sending a email through an email client program. I ran into this

This site was designed by and it must look like this. What troubled me was the icons next to a few menu items. I don't want to use primary links menu-ids for this because these vary between my development and test system. Yes I could try to fix this and rely on these but I like what follows more. I learned about this on #drupal-theme from John Albin was to modify template.php so I did this:


Here is the documentation about what I did to build some sites.