What is the event order in Drupal 8?

For debugging the event order in core/lib/Drupal/Component/EventDispatcher/ContainerAwareEventDispatcher.php I needed to probe EventDispatcher::dispatch

The state of ReST in Headless Drupal 8

Drupal 8 ReST

One of the Drupal 8 initiatives was to make "headless" Drupal core work out of the box. Drupal now has a ReST API.

This allows you to use all the Drupal 8 features to edit your content but present the content not only on a Drupal frontend but also on mobile apps or anything else that can work with JSON data.

Using dreditor to triage issues

dreditor triage
For the mentoring sprint on friday @ https://amsterdam2014.drupal.org we'd like to use the dreditor tool plus one of its new pull request feature. To install this just visit https://dreditor.org/development/build and pick your browser icon from #93 Add support for stock responses (macro/templates). When it states 'Rebase needed' just ping ClemensTolboom @ irc as dreditor is still evolving.

Extending a Widget for numeric fields.

range versus number field
Looking for a HTML range field in Drupal 8 core I did not found one. First I tried to alter Number Widget but that was wrong. Just extend a suitable widget. The code is very short. But the display is not as good as one needs. Where is the min and max value? And the current value? The specs @ w3c html5 forms input range has some user agent rendering which does not give min, max or current value hints.

number field.


We all need to follow some path to become a better human being.

On the other hand we need some money to follow that path.

That why this page in on /e for e-commerce to bring in some money though web development.

It's alive in space

Part of the dependency graph
Experimenting with the index file of https://github.com/clemens-tolboom/uml-generator-php lead to a nice animation.

Interested in ReST and HAL?

  1. Checkout the issue queue for HAL and ReST.
  2. Use the quickstart tool: https://github.com/build2be/drupal-rest-test.

Need HAL?

  1. Install HAL Browser on your site to see what we got till now.
  2. cd drupal-root

Beheaded on behat

As my behavior is not driven by skills I jump into Behat or Behavior Driven Development or BDD for short to BDD Drupal 8. Installing Behat is a no brainer as written down on http://behat.org/ home page. But what if one needs extensions. That is a little asking for trouble as both Behat 2 and Behat 3 exists.

WordPress command line

This diagram is using http://yuml.me and http://drupal.org/project/yuml showing some WordPress command-line using [wp-cli](http://wp-cli.org) .

Installing a site

Upgrade a site


yUML as a service

With the online service http://yuml.me one can draw some UML Diagrams. Wouldn't it be great to build that into Drupal? Checkout the new yUML module.