Drush entity support (patch needs review)

Can you tell the field display weights of all your entities with one command? Or edit a node through the command-line?
drush --yaml entity-type-read node --fields=**/display/**/weight --include-fieldapi
drush entity-update node 12 --json
Watch the video on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVGZzWjdDh8 and get convinced you want to know more of these entity internals.

My two halves of The Definitve Guide to Drupal 7

Book cut into half
Yesterday I ordered The definitive Guide to Drupal from the dutch online site comcol.nl. Awesome delivery. I have to read the monster 1047 pages but decided to cut it two pieces as that split version is allowed on my desk.

grep those gits aka drupal contribs


Following along the git migration and project cannot be grepped anymore I brewed the following code.

It assumes the gits are already cloned and placed is one common directory.

After running the script all repositories with a $major == 7 branch are set into the highest version.

I'm puzzling how to 'empty' the non $major compatible repos.

The fun part is now doing analysis on the tree

Deleting nodes with drush


By creating a php file named ~/.drush/content.drush.inc containing

fixing drupal info files on php 5.3


Trying some Drupal 5 sites for upgrade script development on desktop PHP 5.3 I ran on *.info files causing annoyances.

3D in Safari

I want to keep this goodie. Taken from http://www.youtube.com/user/unconed#p/a/u/0/2-oQj9Y9I6I and http://pastie.org/2251814

Upgrade from D6 in 7 steps? Hell no!!!

Sooo ... I've finally upgraded my own site. I thought it would be easy. A simple drupal site only using images. And yes I'm not reading READMEs that often. I trust drush somehow to handle this for me. But drush only sooth the 'pain'. This blog contains my bash script which does some staging from production onto my laptop where I update the site to the latest D6 then upgrade to D7. The script is generic enough to adapt for other upgrades.

Searching an issue on drupal.org with jQuery.grep

On http://drupal.org/node/686938 people are reporting a lot sloppy reports of error lines. The issue is about
Undefined index: [xyz] in line ...

But what are the names of the failing indexes?

jQuery has a nice grep so lets use it.

How to get that site on localhost?

drush logo

Make sure you have your drush aliases file setup properly. Below a snippet from my b2b.aliases.drushrc.php

$aliases['dev'] = array(
  'uri' => 'http://build2be.dev',  'root' => '/Users/clemens/Sites/build2be.dev/www/',
  'path-aliases' => array(
    '%dump-dir' => '/Users/clemens/Sites/build2be.dev/store',
    '%files' => '/Users/clemens/Sites/build2be.dev/www/sites/build2be.dev/files',

Now we can run

drush rsync @b2b.prd @b2b.dev

Git issue branch ... the sandbox route


I'm working on a patch to implement issue triage for Dreditor

But for ease of use and teasing in testers git issue branches would be great which are underways.

So in the mean time I use a sandbox for this. But how to get dreditor code into my repo?

  1. First create a sandbox on d.o. This gives to access to a new git repo.
  2. Ignore the initial git instructions
  3. Clone dreditor according the git instructions

    git clone http://git.drupal.org/project/dreditor.git