Like a DLL hell

Just installed some modules. It eventually becomes overwhelming. So many modules.
This is an installation while building a callcenter website.
free form: 

Payment Methods

With a shop at hand one needs to get payed.

There are a lot of payment methods and payment gateways.

This page is not about completeness but about making notes about

Payment methods

I for now need Direct Payment within ubercart.

Understanding the shop

To grasp the shop one first has to now the contestants. I hope this image will help.

Installing ubercart.

This story is about the cool tools and modules drupal offer. I will use drush as a command tool. This only works if you have shell access. Steps taken
  1. Install drupal.
  2. Install drush module
  3. Install update_status module
Now the fun part starts.
  1. configure drush
  2. run drush ...
    drush pm install token workflow_ng tapir ubrowser cck imagefield imagecache google_analytics ubercart

Welcome to the experiment and demo site of build2be.