JWPlayer 4.2

I'm having troubles with the image preview when playing a video. The video goes dead. It seems version or content (?) dependent. The first movie uses all content and player from http://www.jeroenwijering.com. This player is from http://www.jeroenwijering.com/embed/player.swf (4.2.90)

Drupal from the prompt. A dutch presentation.

I prepared a presentation for the Third Drupal Jam held in the Netherlands.

This is off course in Dutch. See the attached pdf.

Mail a friend

This link must fire up the local email client program. I did this mailto:?subject=Interesting%20site&body=http://build2be.com

There are way more options for sending a email through an email client program. I ran into this http://shadow2531.com/opera/testcases/mailto/modern_mailto_uri_scheme.html


This site was designed by http://fari.nl and it must look like this. What troubled me was the icons next to a few menu items. I don't want to use primary links menu-ids for this because these vary between my development and test system. Yes I could try to fix this and rely on these but I like what follows more. I learned about this on #drupal-theme from John Albin was to modify template.php so I did this:


Here is the documentation about what I did to build some sites.

Drupal site forensics

What tools do we have for a forensic research of a Drupal site. This question popped into my head after seeing a request on the consulting mailing list.

My naive approach is

wget -r -l 1 example.com

This way we get a one link level deep site of which we can grep the modules used on these pages. Then grep -r -h "modules" | sort -u gives a nice idea of the modules used.

But this beauty gives us the full file names.

grep -h -r -o "[[:alnum:]\/]*modules[[:alnum:]\.\/]*" * | sort -u | xargs -I {} echo {}

free form: 

Dual Screen under Linux

Dual Screen Graph

EDIT: When using a nvidea card run
sudo nvidia-xconfig --twinview

And just Option "TwinViewOrientation" ""

Problem still remains for multiple configurations like with or without a beamer.

Problem: difficulty to attach a beamer or secondary screen to X.

My development environment so far


These are my notes when doing my first (drupal) presentation @ FrOSCon 2008 Drupal Room This method uses the concepts
  1. All drupal sites in directory www
  2. All site-config in a separate directory
  3. All site-data in a separate directory
This way an upgrade to another drupal version runs smoothly. Hmmm this was about developer environment.

Add new local domain

Why do I need this? To make sites like http://nf.test http://nf.dev or http://froscon.demo sudo su - echo froscon.demo >> /etc/hosts

sending a file commandline with evolution

While trying to send an png of size 4.5MB the following command is not performing.

/usr/bin/evolution mailto:example@example.com?attach=file:///home/clemens/image.png[/highli...

cpu usage went up to 100% and stays there for at least 3 minutes.

The command is useful though.

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Installing swfmill and finding your friends

While reading the README for http://www.swfmill.org/ to compile non of the dev versions of libxml, libxsl, libfreetype and libpng where mentioned.

As it turned google this point me to http://www.burobjorn.nl/blog/?p=324 with the exact specs documented. Installing a lot dev versions.

I rather install packages then running ./configure && make && sudo make instll but following instruction is cool when they are working.