Installing ubercart through drush pm and mm

It's quite neat using drush to install ubercart. Here is what I did.


  1. Install drupal 5.x
  2. Install your site/database
  3. download and install drush
  4. download and install update_status
  5. if you want to follow along install this patch for the module manager
  6. Enable the above modules. For a list see below.


    A node as an editable block

    I want to create a edit node into a block with ajax submit.

    I wanted to try panels 2 minipanel with a node%/edit override together. But some hour later ... nothing found yet.

    This raw view may be handy:

    But why not using some php? Below is a raw version

    global $user;

    $sql = "select nid from {node} where uid == %d";
    $result = db_query( db_rewrite_sql( $sql), $user->uid);
    $row = db_fetch_array( $result);

    if( isset( $row) && isset( $row['nid']){
    $node = node_load( 30);
    print drupal_get_form($node->type .'_node_form', $node);

    graphviz or hypergraph

    Dependency graph
    When making these images about modules i use graphviz to render them. But just ran into which looks great. So I have to study this one! Commands to render a .dot file are ie with non overlapping nodes
    neato -Goverlap=false -o my.neato.png -T png
    or for a top down graph.
    dot -T png -o
    The attached image is an installation with the jstools, cck, views, drush, og in order to get faster user experiences. View the full image

    Questions, Quizes and Answers

    For interviewing or interogating people it is nice to have a prepared list of questions. What module to use?

    I know of these modules.

    In search of modules for faster user experience

    What modules does one need to get faster user experience? This probably leads to using ajax.

    One of my thought is some node/%/edit's one one page. Preferably on tabs too!

    Just browsing the categories (javascript utilities) and content at is still overwhelming.

    Here is a listing with just some modules.

    My drush usage

    Using drush with a strict server design makes my drupal maintence much more relaxed. I have this tiny script as a runner for drush.

    $ cat drush

    Payment Methods

    With a shop at hand one needs to get payed.

    There are a lot of payment methods and payment gateways.

    This page is not about completeness but about making notes about

    Payment methods

    I for now need Direct Payment within ubercart.

    Understanding the shop

    To grasp the shop one first has to now the contestants. I hope this image will help.

    Installing ubercart.

    This story is about the cool tools and modules drupal offer. I will use drush as a command tool. This only works if you have shell access. Steps taken
    1. Install drupal.
    2. Install drush module
    3. Install update_status module
    Now the fun part starts.
    1. configure drush
    2. run drush ...
      drush pm install token workflow_ng tapir ubrowser cck imagefield imagecache google_analytics ubercart