Importing languages the rough way.

Guess it's not intended to do but this is how I import languages into Drupal 6.

  1. wget the language files needed
  2. run the script below which creates *_full.po files.

    #!/usr/bin/env bash

    for FILE in *.tar.gz
    DIR=`basename $FILE ".tar.gz"`
    [ -f $OUT ] && rm $OUT && echo "File $OUT removed ... "
    [ -d $DIR ] && rm -r $DIR && echo "directory $DIR gemoved ..."
    [ ! -d $DIR ] && mkdir $DIR && echo "directory $DIR created ..."
    cd $DIR
    tar xzf ../$FILE
    find . -type f -name "*.txt" -exec rm {} \;
    rm $OUT

Implementing a ad service

This is a test for a ad service. I thought is was hard to implement an ad service. But it is not. Just a few copy and paste actions at the right places. [edit] Well initially it was easy but the video is not working now. That's quite annoying. Maybe it is because I use the files from Jeroen Wijering his site. If they are moved or that site is unavailable it will break. So I changed this by grabbing the files from my own site. [/edit]

JWPlayer 4.2

I'm having troubles with the image preview when playing a video. The video goes dead. It seems version or content (?) dependent. The first movie uses all content and player from This player is from (4.2.90)

Drupal from the prompt. A dutch presentation.

I prepared a presentation for the Third Drupal Jam held in the Netherlands.

This is off course in Dutch. See the attached pdf.

Dual Screen under Linux

Dual Screen Graph

EDIT: When using a nvidea card run
sudo nvidia-xconfig --twinview

And just Option "TwinViewOrientation" ""

Problem still remains for multiple configurations like with or without a beamer.

Problem: difficulty to attach a beamer or secondary screen to X.

Installing swfmill and finding your friends

While reading the README for to compile non of the dev versions of libxml, libxsl, libfreetype and libpng where mentioned.

As it turned google this point me to with the exact specs documented. Installing a lot dev versions.

I rather install packages then running ./configure && make && sudo make instll but following instruction is cool when they are working.

Internet Explorer blues

Just build a new theme with zen. It all went smooth. But being more a techy then a designer I only tested with FireFox, Gnome Web Browser (Gecko 1.8), Opera, Safari and forgot IE 6 which I have through ie4linux. Guess what ... it broke with IE 6.

Yes I know ... IE is out there for real so you better test. But it is a drag for sure. The designer uses IE 7 where it looks ok. So maybe in the near future we are saved a drag or two :-)

- IE is out there:

Some feedback from chx over IRC

Talking with chx on IRC regarding the issue => Updates run in unpredictable order => Drupal, update system, normal, active, 3 IRC mentions

chx has written some testing on DFS in the drupal sandbox. The nice answer "noone stops you from taking the weights.php from my sandbox and run with it." and these comforting words I guess I have to 'go for it'.

But I first needs some 'steps to reproduce' the issue.

- paragraph 'Topological Sorting'

First (baby) steps with Flash / ActionScript

I want to build some flash games. Just for fun? Yes and no.

Yes because it's fun to learn ActionScript. No because I hope to make money some day.

Some pointers for my system setting which is linux
- ActionScript Language Reference
- a swf compiler and more
- swftools

My first trials ended with a moving square rotating on click ... not very ... but I have some idea how it works.

How should a blog post look like?

Just writing a blog post is not enough. Reviewing my own posts I noted that there are some 'real' blog posts and some more 'article' or 'book page' like posts.

The length of the post are way to short. Most are more a personal note then something others would like to read.

I guess I should make more differentiation between my posts. Either by creating node types or a category. I opt for the first one. This way the blogs become personal again?

Hope this helps to organise my own brain.