Delete and edit comments on closed node

Node closed comment delete

Having a forum you needs quick deletions of improper comments.

In Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 you have to visit admin/content/comments to do so. But then you loose the thread.

You could review and use this patch or add this to your custom module. The first needs review and testing. The later needs a Drupal coder.

Configuration Management

Drupal 8 has a nice configuration system but what works how?


You cannot import configuration from an alien site

Sites are equal when their are equal.

drush @drupal.d8 config-get

You may try to force this with

Replace file path using Aegir

drush --debug php-script replace
include '/var/aegir/.drush/provision/platform/drupal/';
$new_url = '';
_provision_platform_drupal_deploy_7_replace('default', $new_url);

Installing CyanogenMod on Samsung SII Plus

Samsung S II Plus === GI-I9105P

Bootload 4.2.2 ?

Unofficial release 11 M 12 (20141113)

adb push ~/Downloads/.. /sdcard/...
adb reboot recovery
apply update from external storage

Cyanogenmod on Mac

The site

The instructions

Click the 'Get started button'

Install the Mac OSX installer

This is hidden somewhere somehow.

Google plus community

The 'About this community' box has a link to which seems to be from 2014-05-08

Some troubles

Angular Drupal Jam


Trust Drupal



End to end testing

Create an empty pristine branch in your git repo

In need for a new empty branch for restarting an idea I need a empty branch

git checkout --orphan NEWBRANCH
git rm -rf .

don't do the commands in reverse order. don't forget the rm -rf command either.


Aegir task debugging

drush --debug @hostmaster hosting-task --force --debug 2154

Drupal Global Sprint 2015 Weekend @ Groningen

We held a Drupal Sprint Weekend on sunday only.