OBS scribbles

Mac (Mojave 10.14.x)

Virtual Camera

Stream to Skype / Zoom etc from OBS


Ubuntu 18.04

Running Ubuntu 18.04 is not great. It has OBS 0.22 in its repository.

First encounter with Godot

Godot engine

What is Godot

Godot engine is a free and open source 2D/3D game engine.



Testing with TensorFlow which involves compiling the game engine was a little challenge but ended well. The implementation of TensorFlow was a little limited so I discarded the idea to spent more time.

Build coachjaap.nl with Hugo

Hugo twitter logo

Building the website Coach Jaap using Hugo using theme Introduction was a challenge.

The initial build was OK but the fine tuning took way to much time.

Responsive images

I knew we need responsive images. I was suprised Hugo does not support that yet.

Fortunately the blog by Laura promised ease of implementation.

Working on a Drupal module using composer

Altering Drupals composer.json to fetch a particular Drupal module git checkout.

Mac storage cleanup

Is time machine taking this space?

Disc full

I had several incidents having a full disc due to time machine. On one occasion I suspected docker or VirtualBox do kill the machine.

I currently have 69 items. Which are dated for a whole year (sick). Do I have to blame Time Machine?

tmutils to the rescue

Executing tmutil give you a list of commands


Using tmutil listbackups you can get a list of backup efforts.

Convert movie into animated gif.

Video to Images

Make sure not to make the resolution or duration extreme. Convert the movie into 3 digits indexed images.

One command

ffmpeg -i godot-shader.mov -r 15 godot-shader.gif

Making images to preprocess

ffmpeg -i video-720.mov -r 15 image-%3d.png

Weed out the duplicates

Remove unneeded images from the video manually.

Contributing to Drupal


This is a quick sketch / preparation for a particular 'Contributing to Drupal' 2 hours event.


To get started you may begin on Organizing sprints (work parties) and its sub pages. Don't bother to much about the term Sprint. We assume you want to focus together on something useful.

Convert big images into smaller versions using ImageMagick


#/usr/bin/env bash

for F in `ls *.jpg`
   echo "$F"
   magick convert $F -resize 25% out/"$(basename "$F" .jpg).png"


Check your coding style on Drupal 8


Coding style?

Building software is a complex and sometimes tedious process in which you make errors and mistakes. Testing for errors is mostly done by running your website / code through tests either manually or automatically.

Checking for your code style like formatting and documentation flaws you can use a code sniffer. For PHP you can run phpcs using PHP_CodeSniffer.

Drupal core provides core/phpcs.xml.dist to tell phpcs what to test for.

My sync2dev script on Mac

# Sync database
# Fix before receiving files
# Get the files
# Fix after receiving
# Drupal 7 variant of cache-rebuild
# Login to site
# Make sure drush finds the features drush extension
# List features with changes